Innokin iTaste VTR pops up on Fasttech


I know that Fasttech is a haven for all things cloned, but today I’m getting excited by this supposedly authentic product that has just gone on sale: the iTaste VTR.

OK, so it isn’t the slickest, sexiest mechanical mod to hit the market. In fact, it isn’t even a mechanical mod at all. So what’s so exciting about it you ask?

Well for starters, the iTaste VTR is one of those mods that you know will work the same day in and day out. No pesky recoiling, no worrying about snapping kanthals or unevenly oxidized mesh wicks. If it starts to taste flat, just throw out the coil head and pop in a new one. Easy. It also helps that the iTaste VTR is styled as a side-by-side box mod like the Zen Sidewinder or the built-for-Kayfun Shield mod by Needleworks, which is a welcome change from the slew of tube mods on the market today.

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18350 tube upgrade for the VG-T coming soon

1393540_644607428893039_921749212_nAfter teasing VG-T owners for about a week, Jemit Ekal has finally announced that a 18350 tube replacement tube for the mod has gone on sale.

Priced at RM80 (US$25), the 18350 tube will be available in either brass or stainless steel. If these tubes are made out of the same material as the existing VG-T tubes, then it would be safe to assume that they will be made out of 360 grade brass or 304 grade stainless steel.

The VG-T is a native 18490 mod that can be telescopically adjusted to accommodate an 18650 battery. There have been third party 18350 tubes in the past, but this is the first official replacement tube from the modder himself.


Both the SS and brass tubes will come with a new engraved design motif and text that reads “VGT SE” (Vaping Gadget Telescopic Special Edition) which is completely different from the engravings on the regular tubes. It has yet to be confirmed if the tubes and engraving will go on sale on his webstore after this initial preorder list is completed, so you might not want to sleep on this release.


On a side note, Jemit has also hinted that the preorder list for his new genesis atomizer, the Elemental, will go up tomorrow at 9pm. He previously told me that the list would go up in November, and with only two days left in October, his announcement is well on schedule.

You can pick up the 18350 tube from Jemit by contacting him directly over Facebook.


Kato’s Hammer gets cloned by Hcigar


It looks like one of this year’s sexiest mods – the Hammer by Kato – has been cloned by none other than master counterfeiter Hcigar.

At time of writing, there has not been any price indication from Hcigar yet. However, since Hcigar doesn’t sell individual units, whatever price they announce will be significantly lower than the final retail price that you’ll see.

The original Hammer is a native 18350 mod that will accommodate 18490 or 18650 batteries when used with the extension tube from the UVO Astro mod, and Hcigar says that they will ship the Hammer clone with these extention tubes.

There are already several variants of the Hammer clone floating around the market now (retailing from RM200 – RM300 / approx. US$64 – US$95), and based on what we’ve seen from previous clone releases, we expect the Hcigar variant to be the closest match to the original with the best quality.

Personally, I having a lot of mixed feelings about seeing the Hammer getting cloned. There’s no doubt that this mod is an absolute beauty and I would really love to own one, but instead of going off on a long rant about how I feel about clones, I’ll just end this posting here.

Pimping up the EVOD BCC with microcoils


When I first started vaping, I fell into the same mindset as a lot of newbies tend to, and started to believe that you had to spend a lot of money on expensive gear to achieve a good vape.

Thankfully, I have discovered over the months that this isn’t always the case. As you can see from my previous postings, I really love my AGA-T2. It’s affordable and versatile, and when set up right, can produce one hell of a vape. Another champion atty that comes in at under the RM100 mark (even as low as RM80 now from D-Wap!) is the Fogger, and if there’s one atty that I love more than the AGA-T2 it’s got to be this one.

Yesterday, you saw me tinkering with my AGA-T2. Satisfied with the results, I turned my attention to another budget atty that usually gets overlooked pretty quickly – the humble EVOD BCC.

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Setting up the AGA-T2 with silica


If you’re sick of battling hot spots, getting dry hits, or just plain bored on a Sunday (like I was), then here’s a build for the AGA-T2 that you might want to consider: ditch the SS mesh / rope for good ol’ silica!

After several videos of people setting up silica in the AGA-T2 many moons ago, I had run this setup in the past, but I didn’t stick with it all that long. However, after last night’s success, I reckon that silica wick could be taking up residence in this versatile little atty.

The setup was relatively no fuss, and I went from start to finish in under 10 minutes. It’s a cloud machine, but like all most things silica, I found that flavor reproduction was top notch.

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Hands on with custom drip tips from Mohd Raihan

IMG_00001314 Changing your drip tip may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for ways to enhancie your vaping experience, and it certainly wasn’t on my mind in the not too distant past.

To me, drip tips used to be all about aesthetics, and had very limited functionality; big bores for drippers, regular bores for anything else, long ones for a cooler vape & shorter ones for a hotter vape. Technically,  I wasn’t wrong, but I was definitely missing out on something…

That was till I met a local modder by the name of Mohd Raihan, whom I initially contacted to purchase a custom reduced chamber top cap for the AGA-T (the same one that I used in my brush finish tutorial). After we dealed for the top cap, he tried to convince me to pick up one of his custom drip tips (pictured above in the middle). Approaching his suggestion with skepticism, I finally buckled and picked one up too.

That my friends, was probably one of the best impluse buys that I’ve made to date, and do not regret it at all till today.

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Preview of the upcoming Kenyalang Mod


It looks like Malaysian modders have been a busy bunch this week, as another original mod has just made an appearance on Facebook yesterday.

Hailing from Kuching, a town which I spent much of my childhood in, the Kenyalang Mod is another beautiful tube mod that’s designed by first time modder Zul Masterz. The Kenyalang – or Hornbill in English – is the official state animal (mascot?) of Sarawak, and is engraved beautifully on the tube of this mod.

We got in touch with Zul to find out more about the Kenyalang Mod.

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Draco Vapor Bros previews their upcoming tube mod


If you’re on the look out to pick up a Malaysian mod, then your options are about to grow with the upcoming release of Draco Mod from Draco Vapor Bros (dVb).

A preorder list for the Draco Mod went up earlier today, and upon seeing it, we promptly got in touch with Reza from dVb to find out more about his crew’s new creation.

Formed in March of this year, the dVb crew got their name from their cloud chasing exploits after being labeled as a group of Naga. Switching up the Malay term of Naga to the Latin word Draco, the crew started producing their own line of e-liquids before deciding to work on a mod of their own.

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Chasing the banana with eliXir Hanuman


When I started vaping back in February, I stumbled upon the Facebook page of a brand called eliXir by NNMN. Attracted by the descriptions posted and intrigued by the intricate bottle art, placed an order for a bottle of banana flavored Hanuman.

To cut a long story short, I didn’t manage to get a bottle at that time and only recently revisited the brand after a chance meet up with it’s maker – and left that night with a bottle of Hanuman in hand.

The first thing that you’ll notice when looking at a bottle of eliXir Hanuman is the deep yellow color. The bottle I had was still a little murky and had only steeped for about a week. NNMN suggests that you let the liquid steep till it is totally clear (like in the picture above), and that should take about two weeks.

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More details on Jemit Ekal’s upcoming atomizer

1381889_215732128588776_164041722_nRemember this little atty which Jemit Ekal previewed a couple of days ago? Well, Jemit was kind enough to chat with us and answer some of our queries.

From the picture above, we now know that the new genesis atomizer will be called the Elemental. Looking through Jemit’s catalogue of products, we realized that he doesn’t subscribe to any fixed naming convention, so the nature of the name is anyone’s guess.

We do know for sure however, that the Elemental will ship in two versions; a standard version with a 510 connector, and a hybrid version that will thread on both of Jemit’s mods which are the Barong and the VG-T.

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