Consumer behavior


1186260_10153284348115717_197515276_nObserving lots of vaping related consumer behavior of late.

1) A certain brand of “premium” e liquid has already been on the market for almost a year, but only recently gained traction as “the next best thing” when several retailers started pushing it. Is it because the initial etailer lost their exclusivity? AFAIK, that brand had almost zero market visibility up till last month…

2) Herd mentality? A quick browse through the tens of vaping groups shows the same tanks / mods / juices being pushed over and over. Etailers seem to have lost the urge to explore and be unique and are sticking to the tried and tested crowd pleasers.

Its great that these products are now way more accessible, but when you’re subscribed to 10 different groups that basically mirror each other in terms of postings, it get’s pretty boring.

3) Vaping isn’t safe from cloning / counterfeiting. Like kicks and streetwear, clones / AAA grades have flooded the market of late. If that’s your thing, then by all means do go for it. Just to be clear, I have absolutely no beef against people using clones.

There are however, several repercussions that will come from this influx of cloning: the demand for originals are slowly dropping and this is driving down the market price (for example what happened during the recent Chi Yu release), and you have to be extra vigilant when buying anything second hand / on auction since you could be paying top dollar for a rip off.

4) The debate over custom vs clone. It’s pretty straight forward to be honest, and I don’t understand why people are interchanging the terms at their own convenience when the two words AREN’T interchangeable!

A custom would be a modification / personalization to a certain item. A clone is a copy of an item. When an exact copy of an existing item is made in machine shop in Malaysia as opposed to on a production line in a China based factory, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a clone. If you’re taking that item and creating replacement tubes with your own design tweaks or making changes that improves the original performance then you could call it a custom.


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  1. Lim Eu Bian says:

    That’s the problem with anything here. There’s two categories

    1. True enthusiasts who know what they want and how to get it and appreciate it
    2. Douche bags/bimbo’s who get on it thinking it’s cool and all that bullshit and nto show they have somebody else’s money

    Nuff’ said

    1. Riz Virt says:

      They should have collaborate..
      Well one did agree that end of the day it is just a modified tube…
      Vape on Brotha..

    2. Vaping Wern says:

      Need some non-sweet liquids… CREAM! GIVE ME CREAM!!! XD

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