Delanie Leo14500 v2!

Untitled-1Made some good trades this month and decided to pick up a 14500 mod. Scoured through the usual Facebook groups and was only presented with a few options:

1) FazVapor Concept (ChrisCreations Novice clone)
2) Bagua
3) JM16

A little bored with the options, I stumbled upon a posting by Enrique from Delaniemods about the Leo14500 v2. The mod was on presale and was going for €42. However, since the special price was ending on 30/9, I made a quick decision and signed up for one.

1266115_1377744002463323_1209136992_oI picked the one with carbon fiber finish over the SS finish because it looks really awesome… I mean, the only other carbon fiber that I’ve seen on a mod so far is just a sticker. Damn!

As for further technical details… I wish I could post them but when I tried to check back on the Delanie website, it was down already since it was on the presale page.

What I do have is an excerpt from Enrique’s Facebook page:

improvements included in the leo14500v2.

* threads reversed. 510 and plug in head pushbutton lock ring.

* Adjustable pole + silver plated.

* carbon tubes Muller ss inner tube. to avoid twists on itself, same for carbon rings.

* pushbutton adjustable in two positions. placing and removing circlips.

* possibility to order a total bathroom mod. silver in 3 microns.

The Leo14500 v2 is scheduled to ship out somewhere between 5 – 10 October, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it reaches sooner rather than later! Till then, I’ll leave you with some pictures.


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