AIOS T/D clone arrives in Malaysia


1383679_520977981322534_2065715510_nThe AIOS-TD is the latest high end atomizer to be cloned by China, and has gone on sale in Malaysia in the past 24 hours. Originating from Korea, the AIOS-TD was originally designed to complement the Chi Yu, a mod which has also been recently cloned.

Retailing at around RM160, the AIOS-TD can be set up in two different methods; reverse genesis tank mode (T) like the Cyclon, or simply as a dripper (D).

The AIOS-TD clone, like the original, doesn’t come with a 510 connector at the bottom, but rather with a hybrid connector with an air flow control ring. I’m not sure what tubes besides the Chi Yu will be able to accomodate the AIOS-TD clone’s threading, but according to this seller’s post, it ought to fit right onto an Astro clone without any issues.

A word of caution though before you head out to buy one – the AIOS-TD is famous for being a notoriously difficult atty to set up. Wicks cannot be too thick or too thin, too solid or too staw. Also, the vapor from the AIOS-TD is cold, so those of you who are used to warm / hot vapor may find this extremely unappealing.



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