Build stacked coils on a dripper

902228_243185065835198_350430369_oOne of the great things about rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA) is how versatile they are. Whether they’re single coil drippers like the IGO-L or dual coil drippers like the IGO-W / Trident, RDAs are amazingly flexible in terms of what builds you can run on them.

Anything from microcoils to octopus coils, or bunny ears using rolled up cotton buds and vanilla builds with Ekowool will work on an RDA, and new builds are pretty much only limited by your imagination and the laws of physics.

Today I came across a video by a Malaysian vaper, Khai Ridz, who has videoed a tutorial on how to coil stacked coils. Basically, stacked coils work like dual coils except they are coiled from a single piece of kanthal.

In this build, Khai uses 24AWG kanthal and gives it six wraps (3 top coil, 3 bottom coil), and uses two 2.5mm 100% cotton wicks. The end result is a 0.4ohm stacked coil setup that produces tons of clouds.

P.S. The video is narrated in Bahasa Malaysia. Sorry to non-Malay speaking folk, but let his coiling do the talking 🙂

Hit the jump for the video.

Khai also sells all the materials which he used in the videos, so if you’re interested in getting some 24AWG kanthal and 2.5mm 100% cotton wicks, do hit him up on Facebook! (I’m getting mine from him tomorrow… hahaha!)


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