Give your AGA-T2 a brushed finish in 10 minutes


The AGA-T2 is a beautiful piece of kit. Hailing from the manufacturing lines of UD (aka Youde) in China, the AGA-T is probably one of the most recognizable, affordable and usable genesis tanks out there on the market.

Retailing from anywhere between RM50 – RM70 (US$15 – US$22), the AGA-T2 comes with a polished finish and sits perfectly on any 22mm mod.


This whole project began when I picked up a custom reduced chamber and drip top from a local modder. Due to some communication errors, I ended up receiving a top cap with a brushed finish, when I actually wanted one in brass.

So after some quick consultation with my buddy Kenz, I headed over to the neighborhood hardware store and picked up ONE item for the project.

Story continues after the jump.

WP_20131009_011The main ingredient for this project is a piece of Scotch-Brite. Scotch-Brite is actually the rough green stuff on the back of kitchen sponges, but since I didn’t want to incur the wrath of the Home Minister, I picked up a new pack of three pieces for around RM5 (US$1.50).

Obviously you’ll also need an AGA-T2, but truth be told, you can use these steps to give a brushed finish to just about any polished stainless steel tank, drip tip or mod.

WP_20131009_026I gave the AGA-T2 a good wash, dried it off and disassembled it to remove the pyrex tank. Putting it back together again, I then laid it on one end of the Scotch-Brite sheet.

WP_20131009_028Holding down the tank, I then rolled the Scotch-Brite around it to completely encapsulate all the sides of the tank. You could also brush the individual pieces (top cap, top deck, bottom deck) of the tank one piece at a time, but I decided to assemble everything in hopes of giving the end product an even finish.

WP_20131009_031Once the tank is wrapped up, you want to grip the rolled up Scotch-Brite firmly in one hand, and turn the tank / mod / drip tip inside it in one single direction. Since I found it a little difficult to grip the 510 connector with my fingers, I used a plier. Be careful not to squeeze your 510 connector too hard though, or you may risk altering its shape.

Quick tip: You want to roll your tank / mod / drip tip in one single direction to keep the brush lines in the same direction. This gives the end product a uniform finish. 

WP_20131009_032My buddy Kenz told me that he achieved a nice brush finish on his mod by giving it five good turns inside Scotch-Brite, but I found that five turns weren’t anywhere nearly enough to give me the same brushed effect as my top cap.

Don’t limit yourself to a set number of turns. Instead, continue turning your item until you have achieved the desired result.

After about 50 or so revolutions, I unrolled the Scotch-Brite and gave my AGA-T2 a quick wash.

WP_20131009_037Quite happy with the level of brushed finished I had now achieved on my top and bottom decks, gave the washed unit another five rolls in the Scotch-Brite for good measure.

I rinsed it off again and pulled out my polishing kit.

WP_20131009_038Personally, I like to use Vitalsol instead of Autosol or Brasso, but the choice is entirely yours. I gave all three parts of the tank a good polish, and made extra sure that all the polishing cream was washed out completely because I didn’t fancy getting any onto my tongue or into my lungs once I filled up the tank.

The purpose of giving it a polish is not to get rid of the brush marks, but rather, to pretty up and smooth out any burrs or deep scratches caused by the Scotch-Brite. Don’t worry about losing the brushed effect to your polishing cloth, because you’ll need the power of a polishing machine to get rid of them.

WP_20131009_041All there’s left to do now is to put back the pyrex tank and reassemble the remaining items on tank such as the center pole and top nuts under the cap.

WP_20131009_055And we’re done! From polished to brushed in under 10 minutes! 🙂


5 Comments Add yours

  1. korntors says:

    can u make a video for this tutorial ?

    1. Vaping Wern says:

      Not very good at making videos, but I might give it a try soon.

  2. Chi Khan, Ooi says:

    Mind sharing what e-liquids you smoke that are GREEN ? looks pretty funky

    1. Vaping Wern says:

      Hi Chi Khan,

      The green liquid? It’s SkyVapor Watermelon Ice. 🙂


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