Surefire Vapor issues statement; legal action impending


441752987_640Surefire Vapor, the Los Angeles based mod makers behind the King Mod, have issued a statement regarding the low quality clones of the King Mod from China.

We have become aware that a Chinese manufacturer by the name of Shenzhen Hcigar Technology Co., Ltd. (Hcigar) has been illegally manufacturing and distributing low quality clones of the Surefire Vapor King mod to international retailers. Such actions are in violation of the intellectual property rights held by Surefire Vapor, LLC. Furthermore, these actions unlawfully damage our company’s reputation, and hurt consumers by claiming that these inferior clones are equivalent to genuine Surefire Vapor products.

The statement goes on to say that the Surefire legal team has started work on pursuing legal action against the cloners, and are threatening repercussion of a penalty fine of $10,000, and/or one year in prison.

Only one issue there. The cloners are in China, and unless you have an international patent, China would probably throw your case to the dogs. Even with an international patent, it’s China that we’re talking about here, so they’d probably throw your case to the dogs anyway.

So what can we make of Surefire’s statement? Surely it’s just a shout at the wind now, right?

Well, not exactly. If you’re a dealer / trader / distributor of Hcigar’s King Mod clones in the US, then you might want to take this announcement a little more seriously. Us non-USA folk know that the country is famous for allowing law suits against the most ridiculous things (I’ll sue you for making me fat McDonalds), so we wouldn’t be too surprised if there was some bite behind Surefire’s bark roar.

Ironically, the King Mod itself as mentioned by numerous users over social media, does closely resemble the Korean Chi Yu from Mojo…

Full statement from Surefire is available for viewing after the jump.

The following statement was posted 11 hours ago on Surefire Vapor’s Facebook page.

Dear Retailers,

We have become aware that a Chinese manufacturer by the name of Shenzhen Hcigar Technology Co., Ltd. (Hcigar) has been illegally manufacturing and distributing low quality clones of the Surefire Vapor King mod to international retailers. Such actions are in violation of the intellectual property rights held by Surefire Vapor, LLC. Furthermore, these actions unlawfully damage our company’s reputation, and hurt consumers by claiming that these inferior clones are equivalent to genuine Surefire Vapor products.

Our legal team is taking immediate action to combat this problem with the intent of full legal prosecution of all parties involved, including the manufacturer, as well as all those involved in distributing these counterfeit products. Part of this action includes the use of under-cover private investigators to collect evidence of such illegal activities.

Manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit products are guilty under civil law BPC 14245, which states that those who manufacture, use, distribute, display or sell goods with a counterfeit or copy of another’s trademark, may be subject to monetary penalties, injunctions, and property seizures. PEN 350 also provides that, for such activity, one is also subject to criminal prosecution, which carries a penalty fine of $10,000, and/or one year in prison; as well forfeiture of all proceeds.

The federal statute “Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act of 2008” cover broader acts of intellectual property piracy, and carry even heavier penalties. The department of justice has been cracking down on counterfeiting and piracy in recent months, and are actively seeking and prosecuting all parties involved in such activities.

We are providing this information as a first and final warning to ultimately protect you from civil and criminal liability, because we highly value our retail partners. Our aim is to continue our mutually-beneficial relationships, and maintain a high standard for the vaping industry. In order to do so, we at Surefire Vapor LLC, have decided to take clear and immediate action to eliminate further damage to our brand reputation.

Please help us protect you, and our company from the damages of counterfeiting and piracy by boycotting Surefire Vapor clones, as well as all other clones of high end personal vaping devices. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.


The Surefire Vapor Team

What do you think about Surefire Vapor’s statement? Let us know in the comments section below.



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Al says:

    Surefire mods customer service sucks ass! I bought a king mod from big Buddha vapes and when I messaged them on Facebook they never responded!

    However, when my friend messaged them looking to order a new mod from them he got a response within minutes…

    FUCK YOU SUREFIRE! You ripped of MOJO and now you want to sue a company for ripping you off? Hahahahahahahaha

    Your money hungry assholes that only care about CA$H! just for being dicks I’m selling your mod and buying 4 clones to give to noobs as presents!

    Crash and burn ya filthy choad smokers!

    1. Vaping Wern says:

      Wow Al, that really sucks! Thanks for sharing your bad experience with Surefire. Looks like they have to buck up and be a good overall seller instead of just chasing sales!

      1. Al says:

        That’s what I’m saying man. I thought I was doing my part and buying local made U.S. products just to get blown off from them after they took my hard earned cash!

        Imho it’s companies like this that make the other US companies look like garbage, because their customer service is lacking there for people are more likely to possibly look for products outside of our great country?

        I know my last post was angry but can you blame a guy? I mean all the hype about this mod everywhere and at the end of the day the customer is getting screwed over because the hype outlived the product.

        I’ll stick with JA, Celtic, and a few other modders that respond to their customers in a timely manner!

        Oh yeah they hyped the fuck outta this mod! Why do you think you see EVERY SINGLE DAY on their FB page “limited this finish, limited for ECC, limited knurled rings, limited for your mom’s dog” mods?

        It’s really out of hand with the “limited edition crap”, and this greed train will end soon with the clones from Fasttech, and vape royalty, and others selling the Hcigar clones like hot cakes WITH LOWER VOLTAGE DROP!

        Trust me if my messages and emails didn’t go unnoticed this would possibly gone different?

        The damage is done and I am actually ashamed to have this mod and and is now for sale on eBay but I doubt I’ll get anything need what I paid for it due to the spot on clones I’m hearing about.

        Fuck it imma have a beer!

  2. Al says:

    Your also completely right about Hcigar NEVER being sued by lamefire because they didn’t even patent their product!

    As you stated earlier maybe the U.S. distributors have a worry but one would think a cease order eod be officiated before any actual legal proceedings would go ahead.

    It’s a scare tactic if you look at the big picture.

    Example A:

    California has pretty strict gun laws but people buy AR receivers in Arizona all the tome and truck them into California!

    This is just an example mind you but, you think the courts give a shit about a modder with nonexistent patents being copied in China?

    I’m pretty sure they have bigger fish to fry?!!!

    1. Vaping Wern says:

      Precisely. Although cloning is bad for vaping in general, cloning or counterfeiting isn’t something new. In fact, brands should take this as a wake up call and work to create value add to their existing and new customers.

      Why buy an authentic over a clone if the cloners treat you with better customer service and offer a superior product?

      That’s probably why Caravela owners are sticking by their guns to protect Pedro. Word has it that he will happily replace lost or damaged parts for next to no charge assuming your case is genuine.

      1. Al says:

        That’s how JÂ has been with me! I bought a mod from them and the lock ring got stuck instead of saying “just fix it it’ll come loose” and having me bugger the entire switch with a wrench and a vice they sent me a new replacment switch, had me send the original back (with my original serial numbers) unlocked it and sent the original back to me.

        And they let me keep the temporary firing button/ switch just in case it happened again (which it hasent done so as of yet)!

        That’s some customer first service!

        don’t get me wrong I’m not saying clone everything that comes on the market, or anything that comes on the market that you don’t own rights to ect… However, what I am saying is maybe lamefire needs to step up their game on customer service and then they won’t have angry customers like myself blasting their product because of acting like an immature children just because the “vape elitists” are acting like monkeys swinging from their nuts!

    2. Al says:

      I’ll buy the clones too and vape it in front of their booth at the next convention just out of disrespect and see how they like being backstabbed by a previous supporter and then they can play the victim in front of 2,000+ people while I explain my experience with their customer service staff.

      Or they could just grow a pair, apologize to me and, suck it up?

      Maybe if they put as much effort into care for their existing customers instead of their “legal team” hahahaha this would’ve never happened?

      Think about it lamefire!

  3. Al says:

    Like I said its been just shy of three weeks and still no response from lamefire.

    Maybe I’d be singing a different time if they answered me?

    Now I just feel like I got scammed out of my hard earned money , as if a carnie took my whole paycheck just for a $2 Rasta banana!

    I seriously believe I would’ve been happier if I bought the clone and, the same thing happened because I expect that from China (no disrespect) but, not a modder that’s less than an hour away from my front door! Really?!

    Long story short lamefire is a bunch of pricks and I’ll say that to their faces at the next vape meet in L.A. if I see them. They made a sucker outta me and look like chumps!

    I tell EVERYONE I meet now that’s looking for a king “i wouldn’t get one” just because of their greed tactics!!!

  4. JD says:

    Caravela already lost the clone wars to Hcigar too…(Name withheld) in the U.S. has been selling the Hcigar caravela clones, nemesis brass, vw style, and mixed, as well as, the king clones all for $54.99 ea.

    1. Vaping Wern says:

      True, but that’s not going to affect the sales of original Caravela’s in the least. Not like say, how Chi Yu clones have caused a sharp dip in sales of original Chi Yu.

      My earlier point to Al was that with so many clones on the market, the best way for brands to regain want from vapers is by offering after sales service. It’s no longer good enough to say that original is better than clone based on performance alone. Modders need to elevate their brands to a state where original mods hold the sense of aspiration, and clones are only a stepping stone.

      1. Al says:

        I agree 100%. Additional customer service is definitely an extra cherry on top type of feeling of reassuring confidence when buying a mod!

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