Jemit Ekal and FF sZeto preview their new products


Two of Malaysia’s top modders, Jemit Ekal and FF sZeto, have been hard at work in their workshops respective and have recently uploaded teasers of their upcoming projects on Facebook.

Jemit Ekal – most famously known for the Assets V2 hybrid mod – has uploaded several pictures and a video showing his latest genesis styled atomizer (pictured above on the left mounted on a Barong mod), while FF sZeto – best known in Malaysia for his series of delrin / brass FF sZeto drip tops – has uploaded pictures of a stunningly beautiful mod that features the use of some unique materials (pictured above on the right with a Kayfun).

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1379576_640098876010561_1800380226_nJemit Ekal has been busy at work putting the finishing touches on his new genesis styled atomizer which to date has still remained unnamed. Details on the atomizer are scarce, but from what we have gathered so far, it comes with a hybrid connector, stacked vent holes and a reduced chamber.

1382268_638533872833728_1724233410_nGenesis styled atomizers are known to suffer from flavor muting, and one of the best ways to intensify the flavor of the vapor produced is to reduce the chamber size.

Unlike conventional reduced chambered atomizers, the top cap of Jemit’s creation comes in two pieces – the reduced middle section is detachable from the actual lid of the top cap. Why it was done this way has yet to be explained, and we can’t think of any direct benefits right off the bat. If you can think of something, then do let us know in the comment section below!


Also, in the video you might notice that the atomizer screws in directly to the mod. We suspect that the atomizer will come with a hybrid connector that should fit into all of Jemit’s mods – the Barong and the VGT. Again, since details are very scarce, we can’t confirm if the atomizer will screw into any other 22mm mod.

1393941_246467615505623_784243995_nThe other upcoming creation, the stunning FF1 Limited Edition Tube from FF sZeto, is a beautiful 22mm (18350?) mechanical tube mod that not features brass top and bottom connections and a sleeve that’s made from (farmed) polished deer antlers. From the preview, it looks like there won’t be any air venting in the top cap, and we’re also unclear how the firing button is built inside.

1391800_246232538862464_1432927538_nAccording to the postings on FF sZeto’s Facebook page, the sleeve of his new is made out of farmed deer antlers. We understand that certain parties would feel offended by his choice of materials, but we believe that the modder wouldn’t harm any animals just to get their antlers. In fact, the modder has specifically stated on his page that the antlers come from farm raised deer, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that they weren’t obtained in an inhumane manner.


With that said, there’s no arguing that his choice of material is definitely a unique one as we have yet to see another mod in the world that uses a similar finish. Obviously, the antlers are only used as a sleeve over a metal tube, but again we can’t confirm if it will be a stainless steel tube, a brass one or even a copper one.


Copper would be a good choice for the sake of conductivity, and since it will be sheathed by a hard layer of antler, it would be safe from all the wear and tear of daily use since the material is notoriously soft and prone to scratching when unsheathed.

1384141_246323675520017_1031879263_nNo pricing details for the FF1 Limited Edition Tube have been released yet, but what we do know is that only ten will be produced. FF sZeto will open up a list on his Facebook page when he’s ready, and we’re anticipating a heated F5 race to get on it.

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