Delanie Leo14500 v2 update

Untitled-1At long last, the wait is coming to an end… I hope!

As you can see from the screenshot above, I’ve just received my tracking number for the Delanie Leo14500 v2, and it looks like it should be on a plane to Malaysia right now!

And if that didn’t get me hyped enough, my favorite reviewer Todd received his unit early, and gave it a somewhat glowing review!

Initially, I was considering getting the 17mm Cyclon v2 from Witcher to sit on the Leo, but it seems that price tag for a new one is way out of my budget. I tried getting an Euforia, but I lucked out on that one too and second hand units are almost impossible to find in Malaysia. Luckily, my buddy Kenz had a Rampage Vapor Arrow for sale, and let me have it for a pretty fair price.

I’m still looking for an alternative to a dripper / genesis tank, so all suggestions are welcome!


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