Ikarus 2.1 clone coming soon



It looks like the Chinese clone factories are working overtime to recover from their National Day holiday, because today we’ve received news that the Ikarus 2.1 from Dropmods will be the next mod to be cloned.

The Ikarus 2.1 is one of the better known hybrid mods on the market, and the original comes in a number of finishes. Design wise, it is somewhat of an acquired taste, but if you’ve ever handled the Ikarus then you’ll agree that the build quality is pretty superb.

Personally, I love the feel of the firing button on the Ikarus 2.1 and its overall build quality, and really wonder if the clone will be able to achieve either of those points.

According to the description on the preorder page:

The ikarus clone is a true hybrid made from 304 stainless steel. And this order is for the silver bead blasted version.

All contact points are brass. And the button is slick.

The original Ikarus 2.1 goes for around RM790 (US$250), while the clone is on preorder at RM175 (US$54.99).


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