Is this the Vela Latina clone?



Before you get all excited and pull out the credit card, here’s the short answer: no.

For starters, the Kamry K103 on is a bottom coil clearomizer (BCC), and not a 306 atomizer dripper-esque tank like the Vela Latina. Although from the pictures the K103 is made to look like a hybrid mod, it is in fact just a mechanical mod with a 510 connected BCC tank…

Untitled-1According to the website, the K103 is a 22mm mod, and the atomizer runs off standard Kanger coils. The tube is made out of stainless steel, while the other components are made out of chromed brass. Chrome is far from my favorite type of finish on a mod / atomizer since it is prone to peeling / chipping, and it does make mods look rather cheap.

I guess at US$19.62, you could say that the K103 is a cheap mod anyway, but hey if you’re shopping on Fasttech then you’re already looking for something cheap right?



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