Sigelei to update their VW/VV offerings with the Legend


So, what happens when the cloners have cloned everything there is to clone?

They turn on their own, of course, and this is exactly what we’re seeing with the upcoming release of the Sigelei Legend.

Bearing a striking resemblance to my favorite original Chinese product, the Joytech eVic, the Legend has a feature set that looks to give the eVic a run for its money.

Made out of stainless steel as opposed to aluminium on the eVic, the Legend will ship with two different sized tubes – 18350 and 18650 – but unlike the Vamo, these look to be individual tubes and not connector tubes.

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In terms of power, the Legend will be able to churn out between 3 – 6 volts or 3 – 15 watts (the eVic did 3 – 5 volts / 3 – 11 watts), and has an extended electronic cut off time of 20 seconds (vs eVic’s 10 second cut off).

The 15 watt output puts the Legend on par with the Provari, but how it’ll compare in real life situations is still yet to be determined. We doubt it’ll pose as much of a threat to the Provari though, since the Legend will probably be running the same chip as the ZMAX, but who can really say these days right?


On top of that, the Legend also features a mobile function that allows you to plug in a USB cable and recharge your mobile phone with it’s battery. It sounds like a novel concept, but if your vape patterns are anything similar to mine, then you’ll be wishing that it worked the other way around. 😉

Another interesting tidbit that we picked up from the Sigelei page was how the control head on the Legend works. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the Legend’s control head doesn’t have the navigation ring of the eVic. With the Legend, you’re supposed to turn the entire body to navigate through menus. This is supposedly possible because the Legend comes with a built in Gravity Sensing System. That sounds pretty fancy, but also sounds much more prone to failure than a simple navigation ring.

No pricing details have been revealed for the Sigelei Legend yet, but it should go on sale pretty soon so do look out for it at your local vape shop / favorite etailer. Now that China has turned on China, we reckon that it’ll only be a matter of time till other Chinese players like Innokin and UD (Youde) get their wares ripped off cloned.


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  1. Amanda says:

    The screen & the mobile function looks very similar to the ZmaxV5.. & while it looks interesting, there are 2 things about it (or the Zmax) that keep me sticking with my Evic and iTaste products…. that darned rattle-snaking. No clue why- but that drives me absolutely bonkers. That being said, you have NO idea how disappointed I was to find out the new VTR has it. 😦 Boooo. Now, had they updated the MVP’s looks and settings to go higher- but left the internal battery.. (to me) it would have been a nearly perfect device. sigh …someday. 🙂 lol The thing that keeps me using the Evic tho, over all… is that it adjusts in .1 watt increments. The rest… only in .5 or worse (the upcoming AMAX) 1.0/whole watt only. When using watts, it’s difficult to find that sweet spot… with such a wide gap in settings. Guess we’ll have to see what happens with this one. Thanks for the showing. -Amanda-

    1. Vaping Wern says:

      Truth be told, I’ve bee off my eVic for quite a while now, but I see your point about the 0.5 / 1.0 wattage increments vs the eVic’s 0.1 increments. It’s really true that finding the sweet spot is darned difficult and I progressed from 3.2v – 4.5v over seven months of using it.

      Definitely a stumbling point when you can’t adjust your wattage / voltage freely!

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