More details on Jemit Ekal’s upcoming atomizer


1381889_215732128588776_164041722_nRemember this little atty which Jemit Ekal previewed a couple of days ago? Well, Jemit was kind enough to chat with us and answer some of our queries.

From the picture above, we now know that the new genesis atomizer will be called the Elemental. Looking through Jemit’s catalogue of products, we realized that he doesn’t subscribe to any fixed naming convention, so the nature of the name is anyone’s guess.

We do know for sure however, that the Elemental will ship in two versions; a standard version with a 510 connector, and a hybrid version that will thread on both of Jemit’s mods which are the Barong and the VG-T.

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1385742_215437051951617_272795676_nIn terms of build materials, the Elemental is built from 306 grade stainless steel, and runs a brass center post. It also comes with a unique two part top cap that consists of a reduced chamber and a lid that holds the drip tip.

The chamber section of the top cap has a threaded top, and it is designed this way to give users an easy way to line up the chamber section with the wick. The adjustable lid also lets users adjust the chamber size; the chamber can be increased by loosening the lid, and can be reduced by tightening it. This is definitely an interesting concept which we haven’t seen from other atomizers, and we wonder if other modders might pick this up in the future.

Lastly, the Elemental is a single wick genesis atomizer with a wick hole diameter of 2.5mm.


As for pricing and availability, Jemit has informed us that a preorder list will open in early November and the first 100 customers will be able to pick up the Elemental for RM280. After the initial run, the Elemental will retail for RM350, and will be available for purchase through all authorized channels such as the official webstore.

I’m really looking forward to this release, and especially so since I’m a VG-T user. Whether I go for a hybrid or a 510 is still to be decided, since I really do like the way that the different metals alternate on my unit (between brass and SS). Going hybrid is definitely the better option if you’re concerned about voltage drop, but since I rarely use sub-ohm coils, I just might stick to the 510 version.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kid says:

    does the hybrid tank can fit into a gp paps mod?

    1. Vaping Wern says:

      Hi kid,

      AFAIK, Paps top cap cannot fit on VGT tube, so I assume that the hybrid connector can’t fit on Paps.


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