New batch of Billet Boxes go up for sale…



… and they’re gone in just under 30 minutes. So much for that!

In other Billet Box related news, it looks like the ban on Malaysian orders is still very much in place, and the situation doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. I spoke with Anne Morello from Billet Box Vapor recently and this is what she said:

The reason we are unable to ship to Malaysia is due to the fact of the ton of fraudulent order attempts when we first opened our online store to where our merchant account put its foot down. I do not foresee that changing at all. It is out of our hands at this point. My apologies.

I tried to negotiate making payment in a different form – offering to do a telegraphic transfer, or making payment by Western Union – but since Billet Box runs its ecommerce through an online merchant and not through their own web store, Anne had to politely reject my requests.

So, if you’re desperate to get your hands on one of the best looking mods of all times (in my opinion at least), then you’ll have to put up with flipper prices in excess of RM2000 (approx. US$635).

Speaking of flippers, it looks like the entire state of California is also being frozen out from putting in new orders.


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