Chasing the banana with eliXir Hanuman



When I started vaping back in February, I stumbled upon the Facebook page of a brand called eliXir by NNMN. Attracted by the descriptions posted and intrigued by the intricate bottle art, placed an order for a bottle of banana flavored Hanuman.

To cut a long story short, I didn’t manage to get a bottle at that time and only recently revisited the brand after a chance meet up with it’s maker – and left that night with a bottle of Hanuman in hand.

The first thing that you’ll notice when looking at a bottle of eliXir Hanuman is the deep yellow color. The bottle I had was still a little murky and had only steeped for about a week. NNMN suggests that you let the liquid steep till it is totally clear (like in the picture above), and that should take about two weeks.

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Popping open the lid, I was instantly hit by the aroma of the juice. Having gone through a fair amount of juice since February, the first sign of a good juice is how hard the initial whiff of aroma hits your nose, and Hanuman hits in a strong but pleasant way. It doesn’t reek of perfume in the way that some most black current based juices do, nor does it smell chemically. In fact, this is the closest to real banana aroma that I’ve gotten so far.

A quick dab off my palm didn’t leave my tongue with a burning sensation as how some liquids tend to either.  The burn that you get from liquids actually comes from the unmixed nicotine, but that wasn’t present here. I’m told that my bottle of Hanuman was a 6mg bottle, and boy does it pack a punch.

The initial taste also told me that Hanuman isn’t one of those particularly sweet juices. It’s no where near as sweet as Pinoy juices, and this really allows the banana flavor to shine through.


I tried vaping the juice in a variety of ways – on silica in my Fogger v2, on silica with ceramic on an Immortalizer, on cotton with microcoils in my IGO-L, and through mesh genesis on my G-Bell – and all three methods returned varying results.

My initial taste of Hanuman was on the Immortalizer dripper, and I found that this method gave me the most intense vape of the four. A couple of dabs on the wick was all it took to send me to banana heaven. The ceramic heating plate below the coil and the small chamber of the Immortalizer really helped to intensify the banana flavor on the palate, and left a lingering aftertaste upon exhale.

There was also a touch of creaminess to the liquid, but it wasn’t overpowering. Most importantly though it wasn’t overly sweet, or rather, artificially sweet. Juices from Clouds of Icarus and Tasty Vapor are notoriously over sweetened, and besides leaving your coils gunked after a day of heavy vaping, the sweetness can be quite a turn off after a prolonged period. In comparison, I didn’t get any nausea or sticky tongue after going through a good 3 – 4ml of Hanuman off a dripper.

Still on a dripper, but moving to cotton, I found the absence of a ceramic plate and a bigger chamber really mellowed out the overall body of the liquid. If the Immortalizer was the peak of Hanuman’s intensity, then the IGO-L with cotton and microcoils was the perfect median.


On the IGO-L, the creaminess of the liquid rose and it complimented the banana flavoring perfectly. It reminded me of eating banana cream pie, and I was really happy with the vape. Again, not overly sweet, but this time the after taste lingered on the tongue a little longer.

Moving onto silica with the Fogger v2, I found myself in an odd situation. On the tongue, the flavor seemed much more intense than on the IGO-L. On exhale, the flavor lingered even longer. My tongue received the full cream treatment from Hanuman this time, and I was left licking my lips some minutes later too.

However, this intense flavor caused the liquid to lose some of its body. It was a huge blast of banana alright, but after going through half a tank, I really missed the mellow fullness that cotton on microcoils gave me earlier. If the Immortalizer was an espresso, the Fogger was an Americano, and the cotton setup on the IGO-L was a latte on a rainy morning.

NNMN had already told me earlier that Hanuman was best on silica or cotton, but I went ahead and tried it on a genesis just to be sure. Syringing it into the G-Bell and firing it up for a quick vape, I soon discovered that besides losing its intensity of flavor, Hanuman also lost a fair bit of its aroma. It was still recognizable as a banana flavored vape, but the creaminess, the body and the punch of banana was at least 70% lesser.


My personal rule of thumb is that any liquid which tastes sweet on a dripper goes straight into a genesis tank. This usually means that after flavor muting from the mesh / SS rope, the liquid would taste just right. This wasn’t the case today.

In terms of vapor production, Hanuman performed pretty well. I don’t run sub-ohm coils, so obviously I wasn’t blowing clouds and clouds of vapor, but for a 1.1 – 1.5 ohm coil it was doing pretty darned well.

So overall, how do I rate eliXir Hanuman? I’d say a solid 8.5/10. I would have given it a 10/10 if it was a tad creamier and had better flavor on a genesis, but then again, that would compromise how it tasted on a dripper / silica.

Hanuman is definitely an all day vape in my opinion, since it isn’t extremely sweet but it’s extremely flavorful. Depending on the setup that you’re using it on, it can range from being extremely intense to a creamy and mellow vape. I like this element of flexibility that it gives, and I’ll definitely work at keeping a stash of it in my vape box from now on!

eliXir Hanuman costs RM50 / 25ml bottle and can be purchased from the official Facebook page and selected retailers.


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