Draco Vapor Bros previews their upcoming tube mod



If you’re on the look out to pick up a Malaysian mod, then your options are about to grow with the upcoming release of Draco Mod from Draco Vapor Bros (dVb).

A preorder list for the Draco Mod went up earlier today, and upon seeing it, we promptly got in touch with Reza from dVb to find out more about his crew’s new creation.

Formed in March of this year, the dVb crew got their name from their cloud chasing exploits after being labeled as a group of Naga. Switching up the Malay term of Naga to the Latin word Draco, the crew started producing their own line of e-liquids before deciding to work on a mod of their own.

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Scheduled for a late November release, the Draco Mod is a fully mechanical 22mm tube mod that’s made out of 304 food grade stainless steel. The top cap will feature a pure copper pin at the 510 connector, however do take note that it will not be a floating / adjustable pin.

Don’t let that deter you though, because the Draco Mod sits perfectly flush with atomizers like the Kayfun. One more thing to note about the top cap of the Draco Mod is that it will not come with any venting. It does feature a juice well though, so Kayfun Lite users can rest assured that any stray leaks from the fill hole will be caught here.

The tube itself comes in only one size – 18490 – and has the dVb logo engraved on the bottom part. We forgot to ask if extention / reduced tubes for 18650 and 18350 batteries will be released, but we’ll update when we get those details.

1374053_10151715450609013_1915562332_nMoving down to the switch, the Draco Mod also uses a pure copper firing pin. Combined with the pure copper 510 pin, we expect that the Draco Mod will give you one hell of a kick!

As for the switch mechanism, this mod will use a spring and not a magnet, and the brass locking ring will be reverse threaded. Hopefully the spring in the switch will be rigid enough to allow you to stand the mod without locking, and since the dVb crew are Kayfun fans, something tells us that it should be able to withstand autofiring.

1378407_10151715446784013_224604676_nAll the parts of the Draco Mod are crafted out by CNC, and are 100% made in Malaysia. The quality of finishing is yet to be determined until we manage to get our hands on one, but as long as the dVb crew ensure that all the threads ship free from burrs, then the Draco Mod should turn out pretty solid.

Priced at RM380, dVb will be collecting a deposit of RM250 upon sign up to the preorder list, and the balance will be settled upon delivery. The list will be limited to just 50 orders, and production is scheduled to start on 1 November 2013.

Reza informs me that the price for the following batches of Draco Mods will remain the same, however the second batch will also be made on preorder basis.

1374074_10151715446754013_1130008690_nAll in all, I quite like the look of the Draco Mod. Based on the pictures, I find it pretty simple and elegant. Although there’s only that much that you can do to designing a tube mod, at least it doesn’t take on too many design cues from other popular mods (for example how the King mod is heavily inspired by the Chi Yu).

The only real area of concern that I forsee on the Draco Mod is how the 510 pin isn’t adjustable. This may pose to be a problem when using other atomizers besides the Kayfun / Kayfun Lite, and cause them not to sit flush with the top cap. I also do not see any battery venting from the pictures, so if you’re a sub-ohm vaper please do watch out for this.

For more information on the Draco Mod, hit up the official Draco Vapor Bros Facebook page. You can also get signed up to the preorder list from this Google Docs page.



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