Preview of the upcoming Kenyalang Mod


It looks like Malaysian modders have been a busy bunch this week, as another original mod has just made an appearance on Facebook yesterday.

Hailing from Kuching, a town which I spent much of my childhood in, the Kenyalang Mod is another beautiful tube mod that’s designed by first time modder Zul Masterz. The Kenyalang – or Hornbill in English – is the official state animal (mascot?) of Sarawak, and is engraved beautifully on the tube of this mod.

We got in touch with Zul to find out more about the Kenyalang Mod.

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Made out of 316 grade stainless steel with brass accents on the top and bottom, all the parts of the Kenyalang Mod are CNC machined. Measuring 22mm in diameter, the 18350 tube mod also comes with a 490 and 650 extension. 316 grade stainless steel is marine grade stainless steel and is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It is also the kind of stainless steel that’s used to make high quality cutlery and cookware.

At the top cap, the Kenyalang Mod features a brass accent and a pure copper 510 pin. The top pin is adjustable, so you can make any 22mm atomizer sit flush with a couple of turns of the pin. However, if you’re using any atomizers that require bottom air flow then you’ll be out of luck because the top cap of this mod does not have any air vents cut in.


At the other end of the mod, you’ll find a pure copper firing pin that rests on a spring operated firing button. There’s an o-ring on the bottom around the firing pin, so screwing the button on too tightly won’t cause any autofiring. Hopefully the spring is rigid enough to prevent autofiring when put in an unlocked standing position too. One last thing to note about the firing section is that there is no venting for the battery.

Priced at RM480, the Kenyalang Mod does come off a little pricier than other local tube mods, however the use of 316 grade stainless steel does somewhat justify the price. We’ve yet to see how deep the engraving really is, but we’re hoping it’s well done because we’re really digging the hornbill motif. The total lack of venting could turn out to be an issue for sub-ohm / chain vapers, but that’s not really a deal breaker in our opinion.


All in all, we feel that the Kenyalang Mod is an awesome first effort from Zul, and we hope to see more from him in the future!

You can pick up the Kenyalang Mod from Zul directly from his Facebook page. Only a few units are left for this batch, so you’d better hurry!


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