Hands on with custom drip tips from Mohd Raihan

IMG_00001314 Changing your drip tip may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for ways to enhancie your vaping experience, and it certainly wasn’t on my mind in the not too distant past.

To me, drip tips used to be all about aesthetics, and had very limited functionality; big bores for drippers, regular bores for anything else, long ones for a cooler vape & shorter ones for a hotter vape. Technically,  I wasn’t wrong, but I was definitely missing out on something…

That was till I met a local modder by the name of Mohd Raihan, whom I initially contacted to purchase a custom reduced chamber top cap for the AGA-T (the same one that I used in my brush finish tutorial). After we dealed for the top cap, he tried to convince me to pick up one of his custom drip tips (pictured above in the middle). Approaching his suggestion with skepticism, I finally buckled and picked one up too.

That my friends, was probably one of the best impluse buys that I’ve made to date, and do not regret it at all till today.

Story continues after the jump. IMG_00001316In terms of aesthetics, these custom drip tips come in three variants. On the left is the Hellfire style, the middle is the Fatboy style, and on the right is the Kayfun style.

These drip tips come in a variety of build materials that range from stainless steel, brass, black delrin, white delrin, and more recently, iced (translucent) delrin.

IMG_00001324The first thing you’ll notice that’s different about these drip tips is how small the air hole is. Measuring a mere 2mm, the air hole is significantly reduced from other standard drip tips on the market. This results in a concentrated draw from your chamber.

IMG_00001318 Even though the air hole is so small, this doesn’t mean that the draw will be unnecessarily tight, because Raihan has cleverly incorporated a curved base to each drip tip. This effectively turns the bottom of his drip tips into a funnel and helps to channel the vapor in your chamber into a compact shot up the air hole when you draw.

1381053_716124671735230_1576373921_nAccording to Raihan, this isn’t a concept that he invented, but rather a concept which he drew from automotive engineering. Likening his drip tips to a modified exhaust pipe of a car, he tells me that this design is also used in the original drip tips that come with the Kayfun atomizer.

IMG_00001322So, what does this all mean to you, Joe vaper?

Basically, this means that every draw that you make through these drip tips will result in a concentrated burst of vapor instead of the open stream that you get from using regular drip tips.

Putting this theory into to an everyday comparison, think of the drip tip as a garden hose; when used normally the water will stream out at a steady pace, but when you reduce the size of the nozzle, the pressure at which the water comes out is increased dramatically.

IMG_00001321Now that the vapor from your chamber is forced into a compact stream, this not only increases its flavor like how a reduced chamber would, but it also allows you to aim where you want the vapor to hit on your tongue.

This is where things get interesting. Our tongues are built to be more sensitive to certain tastes at different parts, and having the vapor compressed into a tight stream now allows you to aim where you want your vapor to hit.

Although there’s a whole debate about how the tongue map is just one big myth (let’s not get into that), I can personally vouch that the same vape can taste characteristically different when directed to different parts of your tongue, and if you’re into chasing flavor over vapor then you’ll be amazed at what you’ll experience.

IMG_00001326But enough about things that I can’t prove with words, since its one of those taste it to believe it sort of things, an on to some more facts.

Raihan’s range of drip tips are machine made, but are all individually hand finished. After his drip tips are machine cut, Raihan inspects every piece individually and hand lathes the coned sections on the top and bottom. He does this for each piece individually, and relies on a keen eye and his personal experience to determine how sloped the coned sections need to be.

Once he’s satisfied with lathing, he then polishes his metal drip tips by hand. We’re told that polishing can take up to 20 minutes per piece to achieve mirror finish on brass and stainless steel…

If that’s not true dedication to the craft, then we don’t know what is! IMG_00001327 Up till recently, the only way to purchase a Raihan custom drip tip was to contact him directly through Facebook and set up a COD meeting. However, I’m glad to know that several vape shops around the Klang Valley have started stocking his drip tips; two of which are Garing Vapping in Kota Damansara and Vape 69 in Cheras.

Priced between RM50 – RM70, I reckon that picking up one of Raihan’s custom drip tips is probably the best thing you can do to improve your vaping experience for under RM100.

You won’t need to change your existing setup to feel the difference, and once you do, you might not look at drip tips in the same way ever again.

Raihan’s custom drip tips are priced between RM50 – RM70 and are available in a number of different styles and finishes. The Kayfun styled drip tips (all materials / finishes) retail at RM50, while the Hellfire styled drip tips retail at RM50 for the delrin materials and RM70 for brass or SS materials.

You can purchase these drip tips directly from Mohd Raihan via Facebook or visit Garing Vapping (Kota Damansara) / The Vape 69 (Cheras).


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  1. leo shim says:

    Around 70-80% of our sensation of taste comes from the olfactory nerves. Our tongues only distinguish between 5 senses… Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, and Umami. And yes, different parts of your tongue pick these up. But aiming the vapor at your tongue in different areas will only theoretically increase/decrease the sensation of one of those tastes. Should be kind of like food. Keep something at the tip of your tongue and move it to the back.

    I’d rather aim the vapor towards the roof of my mouth in the back so it goes straight up to my olfactory.

  2. I saw someone talking about this on Tumblr and it linked to…

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