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It looks like one of this year’s sexiest mods – the Hammer by Kato – has been cloned by none other than master counterfeiter Hcigar.

At time of writing, there has not been any price indication from Hcigar yet. However, since Hcigar doesn’t sell individual units, whatever price they announce will be significantly lower than the final retail price that you’ll see.

The original Hammer is a native 18350 mod that will accommodate 18490 or 18650 batteries when used with the extension tube from the UVO Astro mod, and Hcigar says that they will ship the Hammer clone with these extention tubes.

There are already several variants of the Hammer clone floating around the market now (retailing from RM200 – RM300 / approx. US$64 – US$95), and based on what we’ve seen from previous clone releases, we expect the Hcigar variant to be the closest match to the original with the best quality.

Personally, I having a lot of mixed feelings about seeing the Hammer getting cloned. There’s no doubt that this mod is an absolute beauty and I would really love to own one, but instead of going off on a long rant about how I feel about clones, I’ll just end this posting here.