While I’ve been away

Hi peeps!

I just want to apologize again for not blogging in quite a while, and promise that I’ll be back on point by next week. I have however, managed to squeeze in some time to record some short videos over the past week and have talked about a number of topics and new arrivals in Vaping Wern HQ.

Personally, I prefer writing blog entries as opposed to recording these videos, but there’s no denying that it takes much less time to turn on the webcam and rant to myself like a crazy person.

Also, please do join the Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/VapingWern) to catch up on some quick updates while I’m on the go.

I hope you enjoy these!


Vaping Wern

20 November – [First Impressions] Grant’s Vanilla Custard

I just received my 100ml bottle of Grant’s Vanilla Custard (12mg, VG heavy) and gave it a try. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve tasted this legendary eliquid, and here are some of my initial thoughts.

20 November – [First Impressions] GP PAPS 510 pin replacement for the Leo v2 

I picked up a GP PAPS 510 pin (brass, silver plated, then 24k gold plated) today to replace the crappy silver plated pin + spring combo on the Leo v2. Here are my thoughts on it.

22 November –  [Video Blog] 22 November 2013

This is the second video blog that I’ve recorded, and I talk about some stuff which has recently arrived by post:

1) El cheapo ohm meter
2) Panasonic NCR18650B batteries
3) dVb Red Dragon eliquid
4) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed Rywanda eliquid
5) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed Nutty Monkey eliquid
6) The Vape Bouquet Pandora eliquid
7) Vicious Ant Chaplin drip tip
8) GP Spheroid V2 atomizer
9) Rocket atomizer (not the RSM Rocket)

23 November – [First Impressions] Cookie Sauce / The Vape Bouquet eliquids

I recently received three eliquid samples from a local brewer under the Cookie Sauce and The Vape Bouquet brands and give them my first impressions. The liquids previewed today are:

1) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed. – Rywanda
2) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed. – Nutty Munkey
3) The Vape Bouquet – Pandora

25 November – [First Impressions] Alien 30AWG kanthal

I gave my Kayfun Lite a quick recoil tonight using Alien 30AWG kanthal from Vapebros. I did a 4/5 wrap over 2 layers of 2mm Ekowool.

Coil video:


[Video Blog] 19 November 2013

Work, work, work. Not that I’m complaining, but the reality of it is that it’s going to take me away from the blog for about two weeks.

The good news is that I’ve brushed off my webcam and given it a shot with my first video blog! I get a little ranty towards the end but here’s some of the topics that I cover today:

  1. SS tank for the Fogger v2
  2. SS tank for the G-Bell
  3. Burn Box Mod Boxman 18650
  4. Incoming vapemail from Fasttech – Rocket atty, AIOS TD clone, el cheapo 14500 mod
  5. Atmizoo Roller, GP Spheroid, GP Paps 2.1 telescopic pins
  6. Custom clear and reduced parts by Mohd Raihan for the Taifun GT and Kayfun
  7. Random rant about the Malaysian vaping scene

Since I won’t be able to post that much on the main blog, I invite you to join my Facebook page where I’ll be doing a lot of short / mini posts throughout the day (thanks to my trusty BlackBerry!).

I promise to get back to regular posting frequency soon, but for now, please do understand that it’s work which buys me my vape gear! 🙂

Keep vaping and have a good week ahead!

You can visit and join the Vaping Wern Facebook page at http://facebook.com/VapingWern.

Hands on with the Alamis Hybrid


If the term “hybrid” is new to you then here’s the gist of what the terms means: A hybrid is an atomizer – usually always a genesis – that’s fixed onto a tube mod. The atomizer in most cases is not removable, so basically you’re stuck with that setup for life.

If you’re a fan of genesis styled atomizers, like I am, then being stuck with a mod that can only do one thing isn’t actually that bad. In fact, it’s great because there’s less things to bother about in the long run. Just pop off the cap, fill it up and you’re good to go.

Today, I take a closer look at the Alamis Hybrid from Malaysia, or what’s more commonly referred to as the Malaysia Hybrid from Alamis Vapor. Designed and manufactured in Malaysia by Sarrow Pesso, the Alamis is one of the most affordable hybrid mods that’s currently on the market.

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Hands on with Alien 26AWG kanthal and Ekowool

Sub-ohm vaping has never been my thing. I typically run my coils between 1.1 – 1.5 ohm, and the furthest that I’ve driven my coils down to have been to 0.9 ohms on my G-bell.

Ever since I got bitten by the genesis bug, I’ve left my dripper aside in the vape kit for quite some time. However, after the recent post about Ekowool, I decided to drop VapeBros a message and picked up some Alien 26AWG kanthal with some 3mm Ekowool.

Set up with 5-wraps of 26AWG kanthal over two loops of 3mm Ekowool, I gave the IGO-L a buzz and was rather impressed with the results. This combination gave me a huge amount of vapor while retaining all of the eliquid’s flavor. Although it isn’t something that I’d run all day, this setup is definitely going to be my go-to dripper setup when testing new liquids, simply because it produces one of the richest flavored vapes that I’ve had in a long time.

Since building a coil for a dripper isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to showcase, I decided to make a short video on how the combination performed instead. However, if you’re new to dripping, then please do check out my short rebuild tutorial after the jump.

Both these items can be picked up from VapeBros at a decent price (Alien 26AWG kanthal @ RM20 / 5 meters, 3mm Ekowool @ RM15 / meter). It’s also important to note that VapeBros is the authorized distributor of genuine Ekowool in Malaysia.

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Modder spotlight: The ModRest by Izan


I apologize for the lack of postings on the blog of late, but real life commitments have caught up a notch. Regular postings will commence soon, I promise 🙂

What happens when one mod becomes two, two mods become three, and all of a sudden you’ve turned from being a one mod man into a vaping monster with a drawer full of mods? Well, besides getting a lot of grief from the Mrs, I’d say that you’re starting to look for a better way to organize your mods.

That’s exactly the same conundrum that a UK-based Malaysian modder by the name of Izan found himself going through, but instead of weeping quietly in the corner of his room like some of us might find ourselves doing, he manned up, grabbed the sketching pad and got to work to design the ModRest.

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Quitting cigarettes can make you sick…


… before making you feel a hell of a lot better!

On a fine March day some nine months ago, I made the executive decision to quit smoking cigarettes and pick up vaping. I managed to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey, and went 100% with vaping from that day onwards. It took a lot of resolve and effort, but after a week or so, I picked up a good ol’ cancer stick and threw it away after just one puff.

The transition wasn’t easy, but I managed to get through it with a bit of grit and determination. For a month or so, I was edgy, grouchy and suffered from uncontrollable shaky hands. I knew it was my body getting accustomed to my sudden change in habits, and looking back, I can confidently say that it was the mental aspect of things which was much harder to overcome than the physical changes that were happening to my body.

Over the months, I have successfully converted several of my cigarette smoking friends into vapers, and in that time I’ve heard a ton of complaints questions about the side effects that they had to go through.

I had never been able to properly address them besides saying that “it’s the way your body is acclimatizing to the change”, but hopefully with the help of this article, new vapers can have a better idea of what quitting smoking for vaping will potentially do to your body within the first month or two.

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Nicoticket appoints sole Malaysian authorized reseller

1384318_10202470308541575_1322102292_nIn more local news, Nicoticket – the makers of highly acclaimed eliquids such as Custard’s Last Stand (10.3/11 rating on AllTheJuices.com) and Crème Brûlée (10.6/11 rating on AllTheJuices.com) – has just appointed its sole authorized reseller in Malaysia.

Effective from today, Nicoticket juices can only be bought in to Malaysia via Vaporholix36, and can be purchased from his resellers around the country. With this official appointment, all direct purchases that have been made from the Nicoticket website to Malaysia will be canceled.

We’re still waiting for a list of resellers to be posted up, but when we do get it, we’ll be sure to update you here!


A small batch of Custard’s Last Stand was circulated through the market recently, and unfortunately, we missed the boat on that one. However, judging from the glowingly positive various reviews from those lucky enough to snag a bottle, we’re getting very excited to try this eliquid out.

Although the details on its availability are currently very scarce, Vaporholix36 has set the price for Nicoticket in Malaysia at RM90 per 30ml bottle, which is on par with the current price of premium imported liquids that are currently on the market.


Ekowool appoints Malaysian distributor


Remember the post that we did a month ago that highlighted how fake Ekowool was hitting the market? Well, in an effort to combat this, Ekowool has been actively appointing authorized distributors in various countries around the world.

If you’re located in Malaysia, and want to be sure that the Ekowool that you purchase is 100% authentic, then please be sure that your stock comes from Johor-based VapeBros.


Priced at RM12/meter for 2mm Ekowool and RM15/meter for 3mm Ekowool, you can make purchase directly from VapeBros from their Facebook page or by phone (016-737 8378) if you’re located in Kluang, Johor.

Vapowire by TEMCo appoints first international dealer


Malaysia has been put on the world map again, and this time it’s for a good reason!

Remember how the best kanthal (something that’s up for debate, but we’ll leave that for another post) always used to come from TEMCo spools that were specially shipped in from eBay? Well today, these kanthal spools just became much more accessible, but with a different name.

Noticing the high demand for their kanthal spools, TEMCo went ahead and formed Vapowire, a special division that manufactures kanthal that specifically caters to the needs of vapors. With a product portfolio that covers all gauges (24AWG – 32AWG) and sizes of flat ribbons 0.4 x 0.1 – 0.9 x 0.1), Vapowire definitely has something for your coiling needs.


To further sweeten up the deal, Vapowire is now available locally through their first international dealer – The Vape 69 in Cheras!

At the current moment, The Vape 69 only carries two products from Vapowire’s catalog – 28AWG kanthal and 0.9 x 0.1 flat ribbon – however we’re sure that if there’s enough demand for other gauges of kanthal, then they will soon follow.

Priced at RM40 (kanthal) and RM50 (flat ribbon) respectively, both these products come in 30ft spools (approx. 10 meters).

The Vape 69 is located at No 28-0 Velodrom Business Park, Jalan Dataran Velodrom, 56000 Kuala Lumpur and operates from 9pm – 5am daily. You can also buy from Vape 69 from their website at http://www.thevape69.com

Malaysian etailer sets up authentication portal


Although the jury is still undecided on this whole original vs clone debate, one thing that I simply cannot stand to see is unscrupulous sellers trying to pass off cloned mods or attys as the real deal.

Understandably, this has hit the second hand market quite hard as potential buyers are now extremely weary of paying top dollar in fears of receiving a knock off.

Thankfully, we can all breath a little easier now because one Malaysian etailer – Le Gadgets – is taking proactive steps to protect their existing and future customers, and also the second hand market to a certain extent.

Starting today, all products that have been purchased from Le Gadgets will come with an authentication card which will come with a unique serial number, a description of the product, and a holographic tag.

Since the card itself can be faked easily, Le Gadgets has also set up a web page at http://verify.legadgets.com, where owners can match the serial numbers to their records.


If you’re an existing client of Le Gadgets and have a couple of mods / attys on hand which you’d like to register, simply send the products back to Le Gadget together with your original invoice / order number.

I think that this is an absolutely awesome effort from the guys at Le Gadgets, and as simple as the whole process might be, I feel that it will definitely help to instill more confidence in second hand trading.