Malaysian etailer sets up authentication portal



Although the jury is still undecided on this whole original vs clone debate, one thing that I simply cannot stand to see is unscrupulous sellers trying to pass off cloned mods or attys as the real deal.

Understandably, this has hit the second hand market quite hard as potential buyers are now extremely weary of paying top dollar in fears of receiving a knock off.

Thankfully, we can all breath a little easier now because one Malaysian etailer – Le Gadgets – is taking proactive steps to protect their existing and future customers, and also the second hand market to a certain extent.

Starting today, all products that have been purchased from Le Gadgets will come with an authentication card which will come with a unique serial number, a description of the product, and a holographic tag.

Since the card itself can be faked easily, Le Gadgets has also set up a web page at, where owners can match the serial numbers to their records.


If you’re an existing client of Le Gadgets and have a couple of mods / attys on hand which you’d like to register, simply send the products back to Le Gadget together with your original invoice / order number.

I think that this is an absolutely awesome effort from the guys at Le Gadgets, and as simple as the whole process might be, I feel that it will definitely help to instill more confidence in second hand trading.


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