Nicoticket appoints sole Malaysian authorized reseller


1384318_10202470308541575_1322102292_nIn more local news, Nicoticket – the makers of highly acclaimed eliquids such as Custard’s Last Stand (10.3/11 rating on and Crème Brûlée (10.6/11 rating on – has just appointed its sole authorized reseller in Malaysia.

Effective from today, Nicoticket juices can only be bought in to Malaysia via Vaporholix36, and can be purchased from his resellers around the country. With this official appointment, all direct purchases that have been made from the Nicoticket website to Malaysia will be canceled.

We’re still waiting for a list of resellers to be posted up, but when we do get it, we’ll be sure to update you here!


A small batch of Custard’s Last Stand was circulated through the market recently, and unfortunately, we missed the boat on that one. However, judging from the glowingly positive various reviews from those lucky enough to snag a bottle, we’re getting very excited to try this eliquid out.

Although the details on its availability are currently very scarce, Vaporholix36 has set the price for Nicoticket in Malaysia at RM90 per 30ml bottle, which is on par with the current price of premium imported liquids that are currently on the market.



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