Modder spotlight: The ModRest by Izan


I apologize for the lack of postings on the blog of late, but real life commitments have caught up a notch. Regular postings will commence soon, I promise 🙂

What happens when one mod becomes two, two mods become three, and all of a sudden you’ve turned from being a one mod man into a vaping monster with a drawer full of mods? Well, besides getting a lot of grief from the Mrs, I’d say that you’re starting to look for a better way to organize your mods.

That’s exactly the same conundrum that a UK-based Malaysian modder by the name of Izan found himself going through, but instead of weeping quietly in the corner of his room like some of us might find ourselves doing, he manned up, grabbed the sketching pad and got to work to design the ModRest.

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An industrial designer by trade, Izan put his skills to great use and created one of the slickest mod holders that we’ve seen of late. Built out of cast acrylic, the ModRest is a simple yet stylish and practical way to stow away (or show off, depending on how you look at it) those valuable mods.


Acrylic is a lightweight (the entire Modrest weighs 114 grams) and hardy material to use, however if it isn’t crafted properly, it could result in jagged or sharp edges. However, going by the pictures, we can’t see any sharp or jagged edges on the Modrest. This is good news not only to your mods (so they won’t scratch), but also speaks highly of the quality of workmanship on the ModRest.


Able to comfortably accommodate three mods securely on the back row, two more on the middle row and three atomizers in the front, another thing that we simply love about the Modrest is its modular nature.


The top deck is secured to the base plate with four 4cm brass stands in its default configuration, but that’s not the only way it can be set up. By purchasing an additional deck extension, you’ll be able to maximize the ModRest to securely accommodate up to nine mods! It may not seem like a ground breaking innovation at first, but we love how the modder is giving you this option.


Besides the deck extension  Izan is also offering hugger kits which sit into the existing deck cut outs to reduce the circumference. With the hugger kit, smaller mods like the Bagua, JM16 or the Leo v2 will also be able to sit snugly in place.

** Extention parts aren’t officially for sale, but if you want to pick them up along with your ModRest, please do drop Izan a note and he’ll sort you out.


Fabricated completely in the UK, the ModRest does cost a fair amount – RM185 per unit including shipping to be exact – but the we see it, it’s money well spent if it brings some order to our messy vape corner.

Izan doesn’t stock the ModRest just yet, and makes them in batches upon request for the time being. You can get on the list by filling out this form. More details on the ModRest can also be found here, and you can get in touch with Izan directly via Facebook.


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