Hands on with Alien 26AWG kanthal and Ekowool


Sub-ohm vaping has never been my thing. I typically run my coils between 1.1 – 1.5 ohm, and the furthest that I’ve driven my coils down to have been to 0.9 ohms on my G-bell.

Ever since I got bitten by the genesis bug, I’ve left my dripper aside in the vape kit for quite some time. However, after the recent post about Ekowool, I decided to drop VapeBros a message and picked up some Alien 26AWG kanthal with some 3mm Ekowool.

Set up with 5-wraps of 26AWG kanthal over two loops of 3mm Ekowool, I gave the IGO-L a buzz and was rather impressed with the results. This combination gave me a huge amount of vapor while retaining all of the eliquid’s flavor. Although it isn’t something that I’d run all day, this setup is definitely going to be my go-to dripper setup when testing new liquids, simply because it produces one of the richest flavored vapes that I’ve had in a long time.

Since building a coil for a dripper isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to showcase, I decided to make a short video on how the combination performed instead. However, if you’re new to dripping, then please do check out my short rebuild tutorial after the jump.

Both these items can be picked up from VapeBros at a decent price (Alien 26AWG kanthal @ RM20 / 5 meters, 3mm Ekowool @ RM15 / meter). It’s also important to note that VapeBros is the authorized distributor of genuine Ekowool in Malaysia.

IMG_00001597If you’re venturing into the wonderful world of rebuildables, then there’s no better place to start than with drippers. Although simple in principle, dripper coils are easy to mess up too.

When setting up a dripper coil, you want to make sure that:

  1. The coils are tight around your wicking material
  2. The coils are evenly spaced
  3. The coils glow evenly
  4. Your coils do not touch the positive / negative post

Failure to follow these key points could result in a hot spot. This is easily identifiable when one of the coils starts glowing red before any of the other coils do.

Remember, the key to a good vape on a dripper is to have all coils glowing evenly!


Now that’s out of the way, we’ll move on to today’s build: I’m using Alien 26AWG kanthal with 3mm Ekowool.

26AWG kanthal is thick. It isn’t the paper clip thickness that I was expecting, but it’s pretty thick when compared to the usual 30AWG kanthal which I use for my genesis coils.

Although it’s a one step thicker than the 28AWG Vapowire, it somehow doesn’t feel as rigid. This is a good or bad thing, depending on your personal preference, but as long as I didn’t need to use a needle for a splint I wasn’t complaining.

IMG_00001599I cut myself a fair length of kanthal for this build, since 3mm Ekowool is rather thick and folding it in half would make it even thicker. I also gave myself extra length on the kanthal since the IGO-L requires me to wrap the legs around the positive and negative screws.

You can get away with cutting much less kanthal, but I usually give myself a little more to work with and cut off the excess later.

IMG_00001601I wrapped the kanthal five times over the folded Ekowool and tried my best to space out the coils evenly. I didn’t spend too much time spacing out the coils at this stage though, since they would definitely move after locking them down on the dripper.

However, I believe that it’s good practice to start with a well spaced out coil because this will make it much easier to space out the coils evenly when it’s actually locked down.

IMG_00001602After fastening the legs to the positive and negative poles of the IGO-L, I proceeded to pulse and space out the coils. If you notice from the picture above, the leg on the right most coil isn’t lighting up.

This usually happens to the legs of your coil because there isn’t a full loop of kanthal around this area. To remedy this, pick up a pair of pliers and gently press the kanthal down onto the wick. Keep doing this till you’re getting most of the leg in contact with the wick, and if the distance from the next coil is properly spaced out, it should start glowing along with the rest of your coils.

When working with Ekowool, you’ll also notice that the ends tend to fray out rather quickly. Don’t worry when this happens, and just drop some eliquid on the frayed ends. When wet, it’s easier to tuck these loose bits down onto the deck of your dripper.

Another thing to note about Ekowool is that its far more absorbent than regular silica wick. I managed drip over 10 drops of eliquid on this wick without having it flood out.

Now that your dripper is all set up, give it a good few drops of your favorite eliquid and vape away!






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