Hands on with the Alamis Hybrid


If the term “hybrid” is new to you then here’s the gist of what the terms means: A hybrid is an atomizer – usually always a genesis – that’s fixed onto a tube mod. The atomizer in most cases is not removable, so basically you’re stuck with that setup for life.

If you’re a fan of genesis styled atomizers, like I am, then being stuck with a mod that can only do one thing isn’t actually that bad. In fact, it’s great because there’s less things to bother about in the long run. Just pop off the cap, fill it up and you’re good to go.

Today, I take a closer look at the Alamis Hybrid from Malaysia, or what’s more commonly referred to as the Malaysia Hybrid from Alamis Vapor. Designed and manufactured in Malaysia by Sarrow Pesso, the Alamis is one of the most affordable hybrid mods that’s currently on the market.

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Available in three different materials – stainless steel, brass, and alloy – the Alamis is an 18350 sized hybrid. I’m holding the stainless steel version, and I have to say that the first thing you’ll notice about the Alamis is how heavy it feels for such a small mod.

First impressions

When I say heavy, I don’t mean it as a complaint. In fact, I’m very happy with how it weighs and take it as a mark of how sturdy the mod’s build is. I can’t speak for the alloy version, but it’s obvious that the alloy version will be much lighter than the stainless steel or brass versions.

At a glance, the Alamis is very well finished. The top cap closes flush onto the mod body and there’s barely any visible gap between the two pieces. The same goes for the threading at the bottom of the mod that connects the firing button to the main body. The threads are buttery smooth and there are no sharp edges left in the threads from the machining, which is another major plus point for a mod in this price range.


IMG_00001642At its thickest point, the Alamis measures 22.5mm, making it a fraction thicker than the go-to size for mechanical mods of 22mm. This is attributed to the slightly thicker tube walls which measure 2.5mm. In comparison, the tube wall thickness on the VG-T measures 2mm.

IMG_00001643The Alamis tapers off at the top to 20mm at its smallest point at the top cap. In comparison, the walls of the top chamber measure 4mm as compared to the 2.5mm on the tubes. The combination of the top cap tapering and the thicker wall at the chamber area results in a reduced chamber for your atomized vapor.

In simple terms, this means that the Alamis comes built with a reduced chamber!

IMG_00001644In 18350 mode, the Alamis measures 97mm (without drip tip). Unfortunately, I do not have access to an Ikarus or an Orion so I can’t give you height comparisons to those hybrids (Googling it wasn’t much help either, if anyone has the measurements please do leave it in the comments below!), but I reckon that it should be comparable in terms of length.

The new batches of Alamis hybrids are sold together with 18490 and 18650 extensions (available for purchase separately at RM25 a piece), however my unit didn’t come with any extension tubes.

IMG_00001648Moving up to the tank section of the Alamis, you’ll find a quartz glass tank on newer versions of the mod and a plastic tank on older versions of the mod. Quartz glass is used as an alternative to pyrex tubes and is resistant to tank killer juices.

Measuring 19mm outer diameter and 16mm inner diameter, it is reported that the Orion’s pyrex tube will also fit snugly on the Alamis. One thing to note about quartz glass is that it is rather fragile although it measures 3mm thick, and a drop without the top cap on will almost definitely result in a broken tube. Don’t worry though, because replacement quartz tubes are also on sale at RM45 a pop.

IMG_00001650On the top, the Alamis comes with two 3mm wick holes and can accommodate a dual-coil setup. The top is rounded off with a fill hole.

This brings us to our next point – if you’re thinking of setting up the Alamis with dual-coils, then you’ll need to drill another hole on the top cap since it only comes with one air hole.

IMG_00001647Upon measurement, the air hole on the Alamis’ top cap is 2mm big. This is a little puzzling since the draw on the Alamis isn’t anywhere near being airy. In fact, I found it a little tight (as I will mention in my video round up).

Apparently, the air hole on this unit is larger than the stock air holes on newer units. I can’t imagine how tight the default draw on the newer versions will be. I might even bore out this air hole larger now that I’ve measured it properly!

In my video round up, I mistakenly stated that the air hole was 1.5mm. It is in fact 2mm. However, I still stand by what I said and will be looking to reboring it 0.1 – 0.2mm larger.

Build Materials

IMG_00001651As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, the Alamis is a weighty mod. Made out of 304 grade stainless steel, the Alamis feels solid in the hand and is the perfect weight for a 18350 mod. It’s not too heavy, not too light.


Running a pure copper center post, the pole is secured with a stainless steel spacer and a stainless steel nut up top.

Since I don’t have a multimeter I am unable to measure the voltage drop on this mod, but as you can see from the round up video later, firing on this mod is pretty damned solid. No doubt, this pure copper pole does play an important part.


At the bottom cap of the mod, you’ll find a solid brass firing pin on a brass bottom plate. There is an o-ring to prevent the Alamis from auto firing, and the brass firing pin can be adjusted to compensate for battery rattle.

It’s important to note that the modder recommends that you use the Alamis with nipple top 18350 batteries, and upon testing, we found that it was pretty hard to get it to fire on a flat top battery even after extensive adjustments. It fired without any adjustments needed when used with an AW 18350 nipple top.


As you can see from the picture above, the firing pin is actually quite thick. This is good because a thicker button helps to keep voltage drop to a minimum since it will maintain good contact with the negative base even after height adjustment.

The threadings on the bottom cap are also nice and thick. This makes the bottom section very secure when screwed onto the body. Again, because the threading is longer, this provides maximum contact between the main body and the bottom cap, and will work to reduce voltage drop around the circuit.

IMG_00001657After taking out the firing pin, I was unable to remove the firing button to inspect the spring that it runs. I believe that the firing button is held in place by some sort of clip, and I didn’t want to force it out. The other thing that you’ll notice from this picture is a 3mm vent hole that goes all the way through the firing pin and out the firing button.

Before I forget, it’s also important to point out that the Alamis does not come with a locking mechanism. The button sits recessed and this means that it won’t accidentally fire when put on a table. However, it could accidentally fire when put in your pocket.

Alamis Vapors has addressed this and is offering firing button replacements with locking rings at RM50 a pop. These new bottom sections will also come with copper firing pins instead of brass firing pins.

The Rebuild

IMG_00001659Due to the small juice capacity (1.5ml) on the Alamis, I decided against setting up dual-coils. The fact that I didn’t have access to a drilling rig also meant that setting up dual-coils would be quite a daft idea since the draw on the 2mm air hole is already very tight with one coil.

Rolling a bit of stainless steel mesh over my syringe to create a straw, I pulled out some 28AWG Vapowire and did a 5 wrap.

IMG_00001663After a little fiddling, I was quite happy with how the coils were glowing. I know it doesn’t look perfect, but it was glowing quite the treat with a dry wick.

I proceeded to fill it with some Kaboos Blend Icy Lemon and got to vaping.


All in all, I feel that the Alamis is a wonderful little hybrid mod. For the price – a mere RM200 – you definitely can’t find a better deal on a hybrid.

Everything from the build quality, to the build materials, to the finish, to the performance got full marks from me. If there’s any part of the Alamis which I’d like to see improved would be the addition of a locking ring, but that has already been addressed by the modder who is offering replacement firing buttons (with lock ring) at RM50 a piece.

In terms of vapor production, the Alamis performed without a fault. The reduced chamber definitely works a treat, and the flavor of the vapor is top notch. The only improvement which I’d make to my unit would be to bore out the air hole a little more to get an easier draw.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Alamis if you’re looking for an affordable and well performing hybrid mod and give it a 4.5/5.

The Alamis hybrid is available for purchase from the Alamis Vapor Facebook page or by contacting Sarrow directly over Facebook. There have been rumors of unauthorized copies (clones) of the Alamis being sold below the RRP, so to be sure that you’re paying for the real deal, please do go through these official channels.


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