While I’ve been away


Hi peeps!

I just want to apologize again for not blogging in quite a while, and promise that I’ll be back on point by next week. I have however, managed to squeeze in some time to record some short videos over the past week and have talked about a number of topics and new arrivals in Vaping Wern HQ.

Personally, I prefer writing blog entries as opposed to recording these videos, but there’s no denying that it takes much less time to turn on the webcam and rant to myself like a crazy person.

Also, please do join the Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/VapingWern) to catch up on some quick updates while I’m on the go.

I hope you enjoy these!


Vaping Wern

20 November – [First Impressions] Grant’s Vanilla Custard

I just received my 100ml bottle of Grant’s Vanilla Custard (12mg, VG heavy) and gave it a try. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve tasted this legendary eliquid, and here are some of my initial thoughts.

20 November – [First Impressions] GP PAPS 510 pin replacement for the Leo v2 

I picked up a GP PAPS 510 pin (brass, silver plated, then 24k gold plated) today to replace the crappy silver plated pin + spring combo on the Leo v2. Here are my thoughts on it.

22 November –  [Video Blog] 22 November 2013

This is the second video blog that I’ve recorded, and I talk about some stuff which has recently arrived by post:

1) El cheapo ohm meter
2) Panasonic NCR18650B batteries
3) dVb Red Dragon eliquid
4) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed Rywanda eliquid
5) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed Nutty Monkey eliquid
6) The Vape Bouquet Pandora eliquid
7) Vicious Ant Chaplin drip tip
8) GP Spheroid V2 atomizer
9) Rocket atomizer (not the RSM Rocket)

23 November – [First Impressions] Cookie Sauce / The Vape Bouquet eliquids

I recently received three eliquid samples from a local brewer under the Cookie Sauce and The Vape Bouquet brands and give them my first impressions. The liquids previewed today are:

1) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed. – Rywanda
2) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed. – Nutty Munkey
3) The Vape Bouquet – Pandora

25 November – [First Impressions] Alien 30AWG kanthal

I gave my Kayfun Lite a quick recoil tonight using Alien 30AWG kanthal from Vapebros. I did a 4/5 wrap over 2 layers of 2mm Ekowool.

Coil video:


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