Malaysian vapers in the news, for all the wrong reasons


What happens when a journalist is forced to immerse himself into a culture that he doesn’t understand for the sake of a story? Chances are, he’ll do a little research online first, then he’ll pop into a local vape store to see what the hullabaloo around vaping is all about.

That’s exactly what happened recently, but unfortunately, the resulting report hasn’t done vapers, vape stores or the local vape scene any favors.

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An ode to mesh


I really love mesh
I use it everyday
When I pick up a genny
My taste buds know it’s time to play

Bold tobacco notes
Sing out in their full glory
Subtly hinted nuances
Complete the tasty harmony

Cotton users mull
About rewicking every day
While mesh heads like me know
That our wicks are here to stay

All it takes is patience
To get it working right
After all, it’s just spacing the coils
And making sure you don’t wrap too tight

A genny is like a lady
It takes love and care to shine
When she’s warmed up and ready to go
Boy, she’ll blow your mind

And now I end my ode to mesh
With a simple line
Move on from vaping on cotton
C’mon mate, you know it’s time