Beyond The Cloud

As vapers, we’re faced with tons of questions about our choices day in and day out. Ranging from genuine concerns from loved ones to baseless opinions from naysayers, we’ve heard it all. Yes, we’ve been armed by tons of medical and scientific research lately, and that has definitely helped us to make our case for…

Time To Switch – The UK Doing It Right

The vaping scene has been rather glum of late, but this little snapshot had me smiling.  Taken in Leicester City, it looks like the UK government has put the money where their mouth is and is openly endorsing vaping as a smoking cessation tool.

What’s the price of going local?

Three rant posts in a row. That has got to be some kind of record – for Vaping Wern it is, at least. But they say that third time’s a charm, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that after I get this off my chest, we’ll be back to regular programming (reviews, news, tutorials and…

Of Marketing and Morals: Where Do You Draw The Line? 

Marketing eliquids sure ain’t easy.

It used to be, when the most important factors were the flavor of the juice, the quality of the nicotine and the throat hit that it delivered. If you got those three things tight, then chances are, your eliquid would sell itself.

These days however, all that has changed.

2016 and beyond

If I had a dollar for every time I restarted this blog or posted a promise that “I’m back”, then I’d be swimming in enough money to buy every single mod I’ve ever dreamed of owning by now. It’s true. I’ve posted something like this before. Probably a few years or months ago. And I…