What’s the price of going local?


Three rant posts in a row. That has got to be some kind of record – for Vaping Wern it is, at least. But they say that third time’s a charm, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that after I get this off my chest, we’ll be back to regular programming (reviews, news, tutorials and all that other good stuff).

With that said, let’s get to today’s rant. Yay.

As some of you may have picked up (from my Facebook and Instagram feed no less), I’m a creature of habit. When I like something, I really fucking like something. When I dislike something, I tend to hate it with all my heart and soul.

When I like something, I make sure that I like it for the right reasons – not just because it’s made / owned by a friend, not because I was given it free of charge. When I like something, it’s because that something has struck a cord in me and changes the way I think or do something. When I like something, it’s because I’ve personally tried (or at the very least, observed) the alternatives and found this to be superior. When I like something, I can readily vouch for it without thinking twice.


On the other hand, when I dislike something, I give that item / person / feeling the equal amount of respect and make sure I have an equally valid reason to dislike it. It’s only natural – and responsible – that I do.

I may talk shit among friends about how I’ll never use a Narda, but do I truly mean it? No.

I may talk shit among friends about how I’ll never use a Narda, but do I truly mean it? No. And because of that, I’d never go on the record and tell strangers or acquaintances that the Narda sucks. I’d never go out of my way to discredit the product or take potshots at the modder.

So what’s my point?

Well, I guess my point is how it really annoys me when people go out of their way to discredit some of my choices without having any solid reason to.

Scenario 1:

Him: What juice are you vaping on bro? Local?
Me:  Local. Very good quality juice.
Him: Local? RM30 / 30ml?
Me: Nope. RM55 / 30ml.
Him: WTF. Local juice charge so much?
Me: Give it a try. Worth every cent.
Him: Nonsense. Local product how can you charge such a price. Crazy. You should try ….

*Roll eyes*

Scenario 2:

Him: Oh you using that dripper ah? Overhyped like fuck.
Me: Really? Why you say that? Did you try it?
Him: Nolah, I use XXX is way better.
Me: You’ve compared side to side?
Him: No need to try. See the price enough. US99 vs US150. Who the hell charges US150 for Made in Malaysia product?
Me: Why not? Lots of R&D went into it, and he’s using good material.
Him: Then why the XXX can be priced as such? Don’t get conned.
Me: You’re talking 1000 pc production vs 50 pc production…
Him: Even 1000 or 10,000 pc, local product cannot be priced like that. It’s just local. Only from Malaysia. How good can it be?
Me: Then how much should it cost?
Him: If RM150 I will try.

*Roll eyes*

These are but two of the many experiences I’ve had when knowledgable people decide to comment on local productions. What are they pricing these products on? The quality? The development process? The hand crafting that goes into making them? The materials used?

Unfortunately, no. They are judging based solely on where the product is made.

No respect is given to the process. No thought is given to the materials. No credit is given to the handiwork.

Ironically, lots of these judgement come from proprietors of vape businesses. Local Malaysian businesses who make profit from dealing in vape products in Malaysia. By their own rational, should the overall prices in their shop be lower than in an international shop? It’s a local shop after all. It’s only located in Malaysia.

Come on folks. Wake up. It’s not about worshiping the West, or discrediting the East. Vaping isn’t just a bedroom industry any more, so it’s about time that we change our mentality when we think or talk about it.

Be a man and judge based on merit. Hype is hype, but if it’s a merited hype, then so be it. Merit on the other hand is something that is earned, not bought, so appreciate it.


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