Beyond The Cloud

As vapers, we’re faced with tons of questions about our choices day in and day out. Ranging from genuine concerns from loved ones to baseless opinions from naysayers, we’ve heard it all.

Yes, we’ve been armed by tons of medical and scientific research lately, and that has definitely helped us to make our case for vaping vs smoking, but sometimes it takes something as simple as watching a video or documentary to hammer a point through.

Beyond The Cloud is one such documentary, and I urge you to watch it.

According to the official description on the Youtube page:

With more than 6 million deaths per year worldwide, tobacco use is the major cause of prematured mortality in the world. WHO estimates that half of current tobacco users die from a disease caused by their addiction.

The electronic cigarette, that contains no tobacco, is a significant step for harm reduction. The health authorities, even when not radically opposed, remain very cautious with this new device. Against a backdrop of scientific and political war, the electronic cigarette is currently shaking up public health codes.

The documentary starts off by interviewing smokers and analyzes out what set them down this dirty addiction, then moves on to talk with some notable figures in the vape industry.

Beyond The Cloud is a socially-aware documentary that witnesses societal changes that arouse with the emergence of the electronic cigarette. Smokers, but also dual users and vapers, whether enthusiastic or worried, open up to our camera. In order to see more clearly into this phenomenon, a renowned sociologist also decrypts the societal trends associated to the e-cigarette.

In the second part of our documentary, we give the speech to international experts, physicians, researchers and health professionals, who got interested in this topics. From a scientific angle, our camera captures the future challenges to take up in the framework of risk reduction.

Political and public health opennesses conclude the overview of this topic. Leading figures, struggling to modernize our political systems, are facing legal constraints and share with us their doubts and hopes. They are the witnesses and the actors of a societal evolution that has been swept by our camera.

Thank you  Ghyslain Armand,  Sébastien Duijndam and Vapexpo for making this documentary.

Find out more about Beyond The Cloud at:

Official Facebook page :…
Official website :



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