Beyond The Cloud

As vapers, we’re faced with tons of questions about our choices day in and day out. Ranging from genuine concerns from loved ones to baseless opinions from naysayers, we’ve heard it all.

Yes, we’ve been armed by tons of medical and scientific research lately, and that has definitely helped us to make our case for vaping vs smoking, but sometimes it takes something as simple as watching a video or documentary to hammer a point through.

Beyond The Cloud is one such documentary, and I urge you to watch it.

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What’s the price of going local?


Three rant posts in a row. That has got to be some kind of record – for Vaping Wern it is, at least. But they say that third time’s a charm, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that after I get this off my chest, we’ll be back to regular programming (reviews, news, tutorials and all that other good stuff).

With that said, let’s get to today’s rant. Yay.

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Of Marketing and Morals: Where Do You Draw The Line? 

UPDATE (23/9): According to this article by, it seems that Poké Juice is from Malaysia. How embarrassing… 

Marketing eliquids sure ain’t easy.

It used to be, when the most important factors were the flavor of the juice, the quality of the nicotine and the throat hit that it delivered. If you got those three things tight, then chances are, your eliquid would sell itself.

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Malaysian vapers in the news, for all the wrong reasons


What happens when a journalist is forced to immerse himself into a culture that he doesn’t understand for the sake of a story? Chances are, he’ll do a little research online first, then he’ll pop into a local vape store to see what the hullabaloo around vaping is all about.

That’s exactly what happened recently, but unfortunately, the resulting report hasn’t done vapers, vape stores or the local vape scene any favors.

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An ode to mesh


I really love mesh
I use it everyday
When I pick up a genny
My taste buds know it’s time to play

Bold tobacco notes
Sing out in their full glory
Subtly hinted nuances
Complete the tasty harmony

Cotton users mull
About rewicking every day
While mesh heads like me know
That our wicks are here to stay

All it takes is patience
To get it working right
After all, it’s just spacing the coils
And making sure you don’t wrap too tight

A genny is like a lady
It takes love and care to shine
When she’s warmed up and ready to go
Boy, she’ll blow your mind

And now I end my ode to mesh
With a simple line
Move on from vaping on cotton
C’mon mate, you know it’s time

Fogger v2 rebuild with cotton mircocoil

IMG_00002449After all these months, two things about the Fogger v2 still grab my attention:

1) How bloody awesome this little atty vapes.
2) How unforgiving it is to newcomers.

First things first, I’m not taking a jibe at anyone who’s facing problems with recoiling the Fogger v2. In fact, I’ve spent many sleepless nights trying to perfect my Fogger build, so you’re not alone.

Admittedly, setting up a good and consistent silica build on my Fogger is still a challenge, so most of the time you’ll find me vaping on a cotton microcoil build.

A couple of days ago, I filled my Fogger with a very strong tasting eliquid and after I had finished that tank, I couldn’t seem to get rid of its aftertaste so I stripped the tank down completely and gave it a good wash.

In this video (yes, it’s another video…) I show you how to reassemble the Fogger v2 and how to set it up with a microcoil and cotton. This isn’t the only way to set up the Fogger, but it’s my way and I hope that the video helps! 🙂

Full video is available for viewing after the jump.

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While I’ve been away

Hi peeps!

I just want to apologize again for not blogging in quite a while, and promise that I’ll be back on point by next week. I have however, managed to squeeze in some time to record some short videos over the past week and have talked about a number of topics and new arrivals in Vaping Wern HQ.

Personally, I prefer writing blog entries as opposed to recording these videos, but there’s no denying that it takes much less time to turn on the webcam and rant to myself like a crazy person.

Also, please do join the Facebook group ( to catch up on some quick updates while I’m on the go.

I hope you enjoy these!


Vaping Wern

20 November – [First Impressions] Grant’s Vanilla Custard

I just received my 100ml bottle of Grant’s Vanilla Custard (12mg, VG heavy) and gave it a try. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve tasted this legendary eliquid, and here are some of my initial thoughts.

20 November – [First Impressions] GP PAPS 510 pin replacement for the Leo v2 

I picked up a GP PAPS 510 pin (brass, silver plated, then 24k gold plated) today to replace the crappy silver plated pin + spring combo on the Leo v2. Here are my thoughts on it.

22 November –  [Video Blog] 22 November 2013

This is the second video blog that I’ve recorded, and I talk about some stuff which has recently arrived by post:

1) El cheapo ohm meter
2) Panasonic NCR18650B batteries
3) dVb Red Dragon eliquid
4) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed Rywanda eliquid
5) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed Nutty Monkey eliquid
6) The Vape Bouquet Pandora eliquid
7) Vicious Ant Chaplin drip tip
8) GP Spheroid V2 atomizer
9) Rocket atomizer (not the RSM Rocket)

23 November – [First Impressions] Cookie Sauce / The Vape Bouquet eliquids

I recently received three eliquid samples from a local brewer under the Cookie Sauce and The Vape Bouquet brands and give them my first impressions. The liquids previewed today are:

1) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed. – Rywanda
2) Cookie Sauce Limited Ed. – Nutty Munkey
3) The Vape Bouquet – Pandora

25 November – [First Impressions] Alien 30AWG kanthal

I gave my Kayfun Lite a quick recoil tonight using Alien 30AWG kanthal from Vapebros. I did a 4/5 wrap over 2 layers of 2mm Ekowool.

Coil video:

[Video Blog] 19 November 2013

Work, work, work. Not that I’m complaining, but the reality of it is that it’s going to take me away from the blog for about two weeks.

The good news is that I’ve brushed off my webcam and given it a shot with my first video blog! I get a little ranty towards the end but here’s some of the topics that I cover today:

  1. SS tank for the Fogger v2
  2. SS tank for the G-Bell
  3. Burn Box Mod Boxman 18650
  4. Incoming vapemail from Fasttech – Rocket atty, AIOS TD clone, el cheapo 14500 mod
  5. Atmizoo Roller, GP Spheroid, GP Paps 2.1 telescopic pins
  6. Custom clear and reduced parts by Mohd Raihan for the Taifun GT and Kayfun
  7. Random rant about the Malaysian vaping scene

Since I won’t be able to post that much on the main blog, I invite you to join my Facebook page where I’ll be doing a lot of short / mini posts throughout the day (thanks to my trusty BlackBerry!).

I promise to get back to regular posting frequency soon, but for now, please do understand that it’s work which buys me my vape gear! 🙂

Keep vaping and have a good week ahead!

You can visit and join the Vaping Wern Facebook page at