Give your AGA-T2 a brushed finish in 10 minutes


The AGA-T2 is a beautiful piece of kit. Hailing from the manufacturing lines of UD (aka Youde) in China, the AGA-T is probably one of the most recognizable, affordable and usable genesis tanks out there on the market.

Retailing from anywhere between RM50 – RM70 (US$15 – US$22), the AGA-T2 comes with a polished finish and sits perfectly on any 22mm mod.


This whole project began when I picked up a custom reduced chamber and drip top from a local modder. Due to some communication errors, I ended up receiving a top cap with a brushed finish, when I actually wanted one in brass.

So after some quick consultation with my buddy Kenz, I headed over to the neighborhood hardware store and picked up ONE item for the project.

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