Preview of the upcoming Kenyalang Mod


It looks like Malaysian modders have been a busy bunch this week, as another original mod has just made an appearance on Facebook yesterday.

Hailing from Kuching, a town which I spent much of my childhood in, the Kenyalang Mod is another beautiful tube mod that’s designed by first time modder Zul Masterz. The Kenyalang – or Hornbill in English – is the official state animal (mascot?) of Sarawak, and is engraved beautifully on the tube of this mod.

We got in touch with Zul to find out more about the Kenyalang Mod.

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Draco Vapor Bros previews their upcoming tube mod


If you’re on the look out to pick up a Malaysian mod, then your options are about to grow with the upcoming release of Draco Mod from Draco Vapor Bros (dVb).

A preorder list for the Draco Mod went up earlier today, and upon seeing it, we promptly got in touch with Reza from dVb to find out more about his crew’s new creation.

Formed in March of this year, the dVb crew got their name from their cloud chasing exploits after being labeled as a group of Naga. Switching up the Malay term of Naga to the Latin word Draco, the crew started producing their own line of e-liquids before deciding to work on a mod of their own.

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Sigelei to update their VW/VV offerings with the Legend


So, what happens when the cloners have cloned everything there is to clone?

They turn on their own, of course, and this is exactly what we’re seeing with the upcoming release of the Sigelei Legend.

Bearing a striking resemblance to my favorite original Chinese product, the Joytech eVic, the Legend has a feature set that looks to give the eVic a run for its money.

Made out of stainless steel as opposed to aluminium on the eVic, the Legend will ship with two different sized tubes – 18350 and 18650 – but unlike the Vamo, these look to be individual tubes and not connector tubes.

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Is this the Vela Latina clone?


Before you get all excited and pull out the credit card, here’s the short answer: no.

For starters, the Kamry K103 on is a bottom coil clearomizer (BCC), and not a 306 atomizer dripper-esque tank like the Vela Latina. Although from the pictures the K103 is made to look like a hybrid mod, it is in fact just a mechanical mod with a 510 connected BCC tank…

Untitled-1According to the website, the K103 is a 22mm mod, and the atomizer runs off standard Kanger coils. The tube is made out of stainless steel, while the other components are made out of chromed brass. Chrome is far from my favorite type of finish on a mod / atomizer since it is prone to peeling / chipping, and it does make mods look rather cheap.

I guess at US$19.62, you could say that the K103 is a cheap mod anyway, but hey if you’re shopping on Fasttech then you’re already looking for something cheap right?


Delanie Leo14500 v2 update

Untitled-1At long last, the wait is coming to an end… I hope!

As you can see from the screenshot above, I’ve just received my tracking number for the Delanie Leo14500 v2, and it looks like it should be on a plane to Malaysia right now!

And if that didn’t get me hyped enough, my favorite reviewer Todd received his unit early, and gave it a somewhat glowing review!

Initially, I was considering getting the 17mm Cyclon v2 from Witcher to sit on the Leo, but it seems that price tag for a new one is way out of my budget. I tried getting an Euforia, but I lucked out on that one too and second hand units are almost impossible to find in Malaysia. Luckily, my buddy Kenz had a Rampage Vapor Arrow for sale, and let me have it for a pretty fair price.

I’m still looking for an alternative to a dripper / genesis tank, so all suggestions are welcome!

Jemit Ekal and FF sZeto preview their new products


Two of Malaysia’s top modders, Jemit Ekal and FF sZeto, have been hard at work in their workshops respective and have recently uploaded teasers of their upcoming projects on Facebook.

Jemit Ekal – most famously known for the Assets V2 hybrid mod – has uploaded several pictures and a video showing his latest genesis styled atomizer (pictured above on the left mounted on a Barong mod), while FF sZeto – best known in Malaysia for his series of delrin / brass FF sZeto drip tops – has uploaded pictures of a stunningly beautiful mod that features the use of some unique materials (pictured above on the right with a Kayfun).

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Hands on with the Steam Turbine clone


When I first heard that the Doc Dave Steam Turbine was going to be cloned back in September, I was bloody excited. The Steam Turbine was a thing of beauty and I was absolutely smitten by its design from the first time I saw it on vaping groups in Facebook, and even till today.

Retailing at roughly US$210, resellers in Malaysia hawk Steam Turbines at prices of up to RM1200, which  is a 100% profit mark up from retail. Fair enough I guess since it is a relatively rare and high end atty, but at prices that high, I probably would never afford a Steam Turbine.

I actually posted this little rant about clones on September 11, but a couple of days later, I buckled to my desires when I saw a posting for a Steam Turbine clone group buy at only RM80.

The rest as they say, is history, and today I received my Steam Turbine clone after a long China Independence Day break.

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Delanie Leo14500 v2 update

Untitled-1I was super stoked to see this message on my Facebook stream today! It looks like the DelanieMod team are putting on the finishing touches to the Leo14500 v2 before they ship them out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the mean time, here are a couple of pictures of the Delanie Leo14500 v2!

Hands on with Nemesis & Atomo clone


I recently had some hands on time with two cloned mods on the Malaysian market – the Nemesis and the Atomo – and I am quite surprised by the difference in quality although both sit at roughly the same price point.

Retailing at between RM100 – 120  (depending on where you get them from), the Nemesis and Atomo clones cost roughly 1/5 the price of the original variants. The Nemesis clone originally entered the market at RM140, but can now be found for as low as RM90 if you really trawl through the many vaping related Facebook pages.

I had the two clones with me for the evening before handing them to their new owners, and here are my thoughts on them.

EDIT: Added some facts on the Nemesis and Atomo clones at the end of the article contributed by Lim Eu Bian.

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Delanie Leo14500 v2!

Untitled-1Made some good trades this month and decided to pick up a 14500 mod. Scoured through the usual Facebook groups and was only presented with a few options:

1) FazVapor Concept (ChrisCreations Novice clone)
2) Bagua
3) JM16

A little bored with the options, I stumbled upon a posting by Enrique from Delaniemods about the Leo14500 v2. The mod was on presale and was going for €42. However, since the special price was ending on 30/9, I made a quick decision and signed up for one.

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