Fogger v2 rebuild with cotton mircocoil

IMG_00002449After all these months, two things about the Fogger v2 still grab my attention:

1) How bloody awesome this little atty vapes.
2) How unforgiving it is to newcomers.

First things first, I’m not taking a jibe at anyone who’s facing problems with recoiling the Fogger v2. In fact, I’ve spent many sleepless nights trying to perfect my Fogger build, so you’re not alone.

Admittedly, setting up a good and consistent silica build on my Fogger is still a challenge, so most of the time you’ll find me vaping on a cotton microcoil build.

A couple of days ago, I filled my Fogger with a very strong tasting eliquid and after I had finished that tank, I couldn’t seem to get rid of its aftertaste so I stripped the tank down completely and gave it a good wash.

In this video (yes, it’s another video…) I show you how to reassemble the Fogger v2 and how to set it up with a microcoil and cotton. This isn’t the¬†only way to set up the Fogger, but it’s my way and I hope that the video helps! ūüôā

Full video is available for viewing after the jump.

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Hands on with the Alamis Hybrid


If the term “hybrid” is new to you then here’s the gist of what the terms means: A hybrid is an atomizer – usually always a genesis – that’s fixed onto a tube mod. The atomizer in most cases is not removable, so basically you’re stuck with that setup for life.

If you’re a fan of genesis styled atomizers, like I am, then being stuck with a mod that can only do one thing isn’t actually that bad. In fact, it’s great because there’s less things to bother about in the long run. Just pop off the cap, fill it up and you’re good to go.

Today, I take a closer look at the Alamis Hybrid from Malaysia, or what’s more commonly referred to as the¬†Malaysia Hybrid¬†from Alamis Vapor. Designed and manufactured in Malaysia by Sarrow Pesso, the Alamis is one of the most affordable hybrid mods that’s currently on the market.

Review continues after the jump.

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Hands on with Alien 26AWG kanthal and Ekowool

Sub-ohm vaping has never been my thing. I typically run my coils between 1.1 – 1.5 ohm, and the furthest that I’ve driven my coils down to have been to 0.9 ohms on my G-bell.

Ever since I got bitten by the genesis bug, I’ve left my dripper aside in the vape kit for quite some time. However, after the recent post about Ekowool, I decided to drop VapeBros a message and picked up some Alien 26AWG kanthal with some 3mm Ekowool.

Set up with 5-wraps of 26AWG kanthal over two loops of 3mm Ekowool, I gave the IGO-L a buzz and was rather impressed with the results. This combination gave me a huge amount of vapor while retaining all of the eliquid’s flavor. Although it isn’t something that I’d run all day, this setup is definitely going to be my go-to dripper setup when testing new liquids, simply because it produces one of the richest flavored vapes that I’ve had in a long time.

Since building a coil for a dripper isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to showcase, I decided to make a short video on how the combination performed instead. However, if you’re new to dripping, then please do check out my short rebuild tutorial after the jump.

Both these items can be picked up from VapeBros at a decent price (Alien 26AWG kanthal @ RM20 / 5 meters, 3mm Ekowool @ RM15 / meter). It’s also important to note that VapeBros is the authorized distributor of genuine Ekowool in Malaysia.

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Pimping up the EVOD BCC with microcoils


When I first started vaping, I fell into the same mindset as a lot of newbies tend to, and started to believe that you had to spend a lot of money on expensive gear to achieve a good vape.

Thankfully, I have discovered over the months that this isn’t always the case. As you can see from my previous postings, I really love my AGA-T2. It’s affordable and versatile, and when set up right, can produce one hell of a vape. Another champion atty that comes in at under the RM100 mark (even as low as RM80 now from D-Wap!) is the Fogger, and if there’s one atty that I love more than the AGA-T2 it’s got to be this one.

Yesterday, you saw me tinkering with my AGA-T2. Satisfied with the results, I turned my attention to another budget atty that usually gets overlooked pretty quickly – the humble EVOD BCC.

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Setting up the AGA-T2 with silica


If you’re sick of battling hot spots, getting dry hits, or just plain bored on a Sunday (like I was), then here’s a build for the AGA-T2 that you might want to consider: ditch the SS mesh / rope for good ol’ silica!

After several videos of people setting up silica in the AGA-T2 many moons ago, I had run this setup in the past, but I didn’t stick with it all that long. However, after last night’s¬†success,¬†I reckon that silica wick could be taking up residence in this versatile little atty.

The setup was relatively no fuss, and I went from start to finish in under 10 minutes. It’s a cloud machine, but like all¬†most things silica, I found that flavor reproduction was top notch.

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Build stacked coils on a dripper

902228_243185065835198_350430369_oOne of the great things about rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA) is how versatile they are. Whether they’re single coil drippers like the IGO-L or dual coil drippers like the IGO-W / Trident, RDAs are amazingly flexible in terms of what builds you can run on them.

Anything from microcoils to octopus coils, or bunny ears using rolled up cotton buds and vanilla builds with Ekowool will work on an RDA, and new builds are pretty much only limited by your imagination and the laws of physics.

Today I came across a video by a Malaysian vaper, Khai Ridz, who has videoed a tutorial on how to coil stacked coils. Basically, stacked coils work like dual coils except they are coiled from a single piece of kanthal.

In this build, Khai uses 24AWG kanthal and gives it six wraps (3 top coil, 3 bottom coil), and uses two 2.5mm 100% cotton wicks. The end result is a 0.4ohm stacked coil setup that produces tons of clouds.

P.S. The video is¬†narrated¬†in Bahasa Malaysia. Sorry to non-Malay speaking folk, but let his coiling do the talking ūüôā

Hit the jump for the video.

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Hands on with the Steam Turbine clone


When I first heard that the Doc Dave Steam Turbine was going to be cloned back in September, I was bloody excited. The Steam Turbine was a thing of beauty and I was absolutely smitten by its design from the first time I saw it on vaping groups in Facebook, and even till today.

Retailing at roughly US$210, resellers in Malaysia hawk Steam Turbines at prices of up to RM1200, which  is a 100% profit mark up from retail. Fair enough I guess since it is a relatively rare and high end atty, but at prices that high, I probably would never afford a Steam Turbine.

I actually posted this little rant about clones on September 11, but a couple of days later, I buckled to my desires when I saw a posting for a Steam Turbine clone group buy at only RM80.

The rest as they say, is history, and today I received my Steam Turbine clone after a long China Independence Day break.

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Repairing / rebuilding the Fogger v2


[Update 8 December 2013: An updated recoil post of the Fogger v2 can be viewed here]

The Fogger v2. What can I say about this versatile little devil besides how much I love and hate it at the same time!

Ever since I got my hands on the Fogger v2 about a month ago, I’ve been experiencing interment problems with shorting and wicking, and to make things worse, the unit that I have suffered from some manufacturing defects.

After countless hours of recoiling and trying to identify the cause of the short, I have finally been able to solve them and I would like to share how I achieved this with you today. Hopefully you will find this short guide helpful in some way!

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