Hands on with the Alamis Hybrid


If the term “hybrid” is new to you then here’s the gist of what the terms means: A hybrid is an atomizer – usually always a genesis – that’s fixed onto a tube mod. The atomizer in most cases is not removable, so basically you’re stuck with that setup for life.

If you’re a fan of genesis styled atomizers, like I am, then being stuck with a mod that can only do one thing isn’t actually that bad. In fact, it’s great because there’s less things to bother about in the long run. Just pop off the cap, fill it up and you’re good to go.

Today, I take a closer look at the Alamis Hybrid from Malaysia, or what’s more commonly referred to as the Malaysia Hybrid from Alamis Vapor. Designed and manufactured in Malaysia by Sarrow Pesso, the Alamis is one of the most affordable hybrid mods that’s currently on the market.

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Hands on with Alien 26AWG kanthal and Ekowool

Sub-ohm vaping has never been my thing. I typically run my coils between 1.1 – 1.5 ohm, and the furthest that I’ve driven my coils down to have been to 0.9 ohms on my G-bell.

Ever since I got bitten by the genesis bug, I’ve left my dripper aside in the vape kit for quite some time. However, after the recent post about Ekowool, I decided to drop VapeBros a message and picked up some Alien 26AWG kanthal with some 3mm Ekowool.

Set up with 5-wraps of 26AWG kanthal over two loops of 3mm Ekowool, I gave the IGO-L a buzz and was rather impressed with the results. This combination gave me a huge amount of vapor while retaining all of the eliquid’s flavor. Although it isn’t something that I’d run all day, this setup is definitely going to be my go-to dripper setup when testing new liquids, simply because it produces one of the richest flavored vapes that I’ve had in a long time.

Since building a coil for a dripper isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to showcase, I decided to make a short video on how the combination performed instead. However, if you’re new to dripping, then please do check out my short rebuild tutorial after the jump.

Both these items can be picked up from VapeBros at a decent price (Alien 26AWG kanthal @ RM20 / 5 meters, 3mm Ekowool @ RM15 / meter). It’s also important to note that VapeBros is the authorized distributor of genuine Ekowool in Malaysia.

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Hands on with custom drip tips from Mohd Raihan

IMG_00001314 Changing your drip tip may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for ways to enhancie your vaping experience, and it certainly wasn’t on my mind in the not too distant past.

To me, drip tips used to be all about aesthetics, and had very limited functionality; big bores for drippers, regular bores for anything else, long ones for a cooler vape & shorter ones for a hotter vape. Technically,  I wasn’t wrong, but I was definitely missing out on something…

That was till I met a local modder by the name of Mohd Raihan, whom I initially contacted to purchase a custom reduced chamber top cap for the AGA-T (the same one that I used in my brush finish tutorial). After we dealed for the top cap, he tried to convince me to pick up one of his custom drip tips (pictured above in the middle). Approaching his suggestion with skepticism, I finally buckled and picked one up too.

That my friends, was probably one of the best impluse buys that I’ve made to date, and do not regret it at all till today.

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Chasing the banana with eliXir Hanuman


When I started vaping back in February, I stumbled upon the Facebook page of a brand called eliXir by NNMN. Attracted by the descriptions posted and intrigued by the intricate bottle art, placed an order for a bottle of banana flavored Hanuman.

To cut a long story short, I didn’t manage to get a bottle at that time and only recently revisited the brand after a chance meet up with it’s maker – and left that night with a bottle of Hanuman in hand.

The first thing that you’ll notice when looking at a bottle of eliXir Hanuman is the deep yellow color. The bottle I had was still a little murky and had only steeped for about a week. NNMN suggests that you let the liquid steep till it is totally clear (like in the picture above), and that should take about two weeks.

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Follow up with the Steam Turbine clone


When I first reviewed the Steam Turbine clone a couple of days ago, the biggest issue that I faced was the stock stacked vent holes being too small. After spending a few days sitting in my vape bag I took out my jewelers file kit and went to town on the vent holes.

Turns out that venting wasn’t the only problem with the Steam Tubine clone…

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Hands on with the Steam Turbine clone


When I first heard that the Doc Dave Steam Turbine was going to be cloned back in September, I was bloody excited. The Steam Turbine was a thing of beauty and I was absolutely smitten by its design from the first time I saw it on vaping groups in Facebook, and even till today.

Retailing at roughly US$210, resellers in Malaysia hawk Steam Turbines at prices of up to RM1200, which  is a 100% profit mark up from retail. Fair enough I guess since it is a relatively rare and high end atty, but at prices that high, I probably would never afford a Steam Turbine.

I actually posted this little rant about clones on September 11, but a couple of days later, I buckled to my desires when I saw a posting for a Steam Turbine clone group buy at only RM80.

The rest as they say, is history, and today I received my Steam Turbine clone after a long China Independence Day break.

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Hands on with Nemesis & Atomo clone


I recently had some hands on time with two cloned mods on the Malaysian market – the Nemesis and the Atomo – and I am quite surprised by the difference in quality although both sit at roughly the same price point.

Retailing at between RM100 – 120  (depending on where you get them from), the Nemesis and Atomo clones cost roughly 1/5 the price of the original variants. The Nemesis clone originally entered the market at RM140, but can now be found for as low as RM90 if you really trawl through the many vaping related Facebook pages.

I had the two clones with me for the evening before handing them to their new owners, and here are my thoughts on them.

EDIT: Added some facts on the Nemesis and Atomo clones at the end of the article contributed by Lim Eu Bian.

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