Fasttech lists the AIOS T/D clone


At the risk of turning this page into a Fasttech catalog, here’s another bit of clone goodness from the Chinese etailer – the AIOS T/D has hit Fasttech, and will be available for a paltry US$18.76.

Designed specifically to be used with the Chi Yu, the AIOS T/D is a 2-in-1 atomizer and works similarly to UD’s AGI in a sense that it can be used as either a dripper (D) or as a reverse genesis tank (T).

The latest high end atomizer to be cloned by China, the AIOS-TD

The AIOS T/D clone first arrived in Malaysia 10 days ago and retailed at RM160 on release. A quick look around Malaysian vape related Facebook groups shows that the price has since dropped to circa RM100, which is still a fair bit more expensive than what Fasttech is charging.

Original AIOS T/D units on the other hand, have gone through a rather dramatic drop in price can be found from RM450 – RM700 from the original retail of RM900.

However with Fasttech, you’ll always have to give them a lead time of about a month before your product arrives, so that RM40 difference in price may be money well spent if you’re chasing some instant gratification.


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